medium rugs

A common misconception about a rug's dimension is that the size should be increased to accommodate a large room, for example, which can result in excessive clutter. Conversely, if you have a small living room or dining area, the rug should not be too big. A medium rug will give the most versatility and comfort to your space without making it look cramped or unkempt. Not only the medium carpet in the context of size, but a medium pile carpet is also preferable. The density and height of a mid-pile rug are just right to give it a shag appearance while also facilitating easy cleaning. Explore our collection of medium-sized rugs - From black rugs for your bedrooms to dining room rugs to rugs for ling rooms, get everything.

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medium rugs

Buy medium rugs online at Jaipur Rugs France

On our Jaipur Rugs France online shop, we offer specialty medium carpets to customers looking for a balanced solution to incorporate into their residential space. Ranging from medium pile carpet to medium brown carpet, our France store provides our client base with a unique, handcrafted selection of medium size carpet that is bound to transform your space in a new light. Medium rugs are an optimal solution for those looking to select a size that is neither too big nor too small. Whether you select brown rugs, solid rugs, or area rugs for your next decorating adventure, just know that you are buying intricately developed medium rugs from Jaipur Rugs.

Where to place medium size rugs

Living Room

The living room is a popular place for medium rugs. This is because standard living rooms tend to be relatively medium-sized room as well. Incorporating such a size will ensure that enough room space will be left blank so that you can add other decorative pieces and avoid having an oversized look.


Bedrooms are also an appropriate place to place medium rugs. Perhaps you may want to consider placing the carpet in front of the bed frame or in between the bed and the TV stand. This will create depth and fortitude in your space.

Dining Room

Medium rugs in a dining room can act as a subtle decorating piece when placed underneath the table. They are neither too big nor too small, so the medium size will adequately fit underneath the table and provide subtle hints of elegance and firmness within the surrounding environment.


Medium rugs that are specialized outdoor rugs can be a significant addition to your patio, doorstep, or poolside. They are a perfect size because they are not drowned by the many aspects of nature and at the same time they can hold their own weight when it comes to showcasing their finely crafted patterns and color schemes.



What is a medium rug size?

A medium rug measures 150x240cm when using the metric system. It is an average-sized rug that is in between 60x90 and 300x420 which are our smallest and largest rug offerings.

What rug is best for a small living room?

The best rug for a small living room is actually a 150x240cm rug or medium rug believe it or not. It is just big enough, but still small enough to provide an adequate border for your underlying carpet. This will create a distinct contrasting tone between the color and patternation of your medium rug and the color of your flooring.

Is it better to have a rug too big or too small?

Ideally, it is better to have a rug that is neither too big nor too small. Having a rug that is too big will overlap on top of your walls, look out of place in the room, and make it seem like carpet installers did a poor job installing the new carpet. On the contrary, a rug that is too small and acts as a centerpiece will also look out of place. It will not be big enough to attract attention to the center of the room and truly showcase its artistic masterpiece.

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