black rugs

Black rugs are the perfect way to add a sense of depth and elegance to your home. Instead of settling for a boring, neutral rug or having a monochrome design that does nothing for your decor, black runners and rugs can help your interior space look more spectacular. Black carpets can make any room look more chic and sophisticated. Modern rugs in black tones offer you the option to have an all-black room without sacrificing style or comfortability. Black kilim rugs are an elegant way to update existing rooms while still keeping them cozy and charming in their simplicity.

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black rugs

Buy black rugs online at Jaipur Rugs France

Incorporating black carpet into the many levels of your home can be an exceptional way to add subtleness or exuberance. Black rugs possess poignant characteristics that can be manipulated in various ways to add elegance and modernity throughout a residence. Luckily for you, Jaipur Rugs France offers rug purchasers dozens of black rugs for sale online. The Jaipur Rugs France site allows clients to select from black runners, black shag rug, black and white rug, large rugs, and even custom rugs to place in a variety of areas up and down and in and outside of your abode.

How to choose the right black rugs for your home

By Pattern

Black rugs at Jaipur Rugs France are available in a multitude of patterns. Browse abstract, damask, solid, striped, geometric, trellis, and more black rug patterns from our curation. The right patterned rug for your home is dependent on your own interests and housing theme. It is best to trust your instincts and pair black rug patterns with existing patterns in your room.

By Colours

Black rugs can contain multiple shades of black throughout the rug. In addition, depending on the pattern of the rug you select, black rugs can contain additional colors such as grey, white, brown, blue, and others to add a contrasting effect.

By Size

When you start shopping for black rugs on the Jaipur Rugs France online store, you will come to find black rugs that are available in the sizes of 60x90cm, 90x150cm, 120x180cm, 150x240cm, 180x270cm, 240x300cm, 270x360cm, 300x420cm, and 360x450cm.

By Styles

If you are considering focusing your black rug purchase initiative specifically on style, you can assess the oriental, transitional, and modern rug styles that are on our site. These are the three most popular style rugs that are offered on our site and will not let you down when it comes to black rugs.

Placement of Black Rugs

Living Room

Black rugs make a perfect accent piece for black and brown TV stands, coffee tables, side tables, couches, love seats, and more. Additionally, black rugs can be excellent as a stand-alone decorating piece in contemporary homes that predominantly have grey and white color schemes at large.

Dining Room

You must be curious about how you can implement the black rugs into your dining room and still make things stand out. Often, the dining room contains an oversized table that illuminates dark shadows underneath. This can cause too much darkness in a room if not properly contrasted. Avoid placing black rugs parallel with these tables and instead align them perpendicularly so that they extend on the edges.


Bedroom rugs that possess shade variations of black can be a perfect accent piece that matches well with existing bedroom furniture. Many homes contain bedroom furniture that are filled with darker shades of brown and black. Therefore, black rugs can really add to the theme of a bedroom.


When you consider putting black rugs before or after your entryway, your best option is to consider runner rugs. These rugs are thin, long, and narrow. Thus, runner rugs make out to be an excellent companion to complement hallways and entryways that lead up to doors. It is almost like your own unique red carpet that highlights a grandiose entrance.


A black and white outdoor rug easily contrasts with the colors commonly found in nature. In the environment, colors such as blue, red, green, and brown are abundant. This means that the black and white colors to surf through the black rugs outer surface can provide a contrasting appeal to the outdoors and really highlight your patio or hangout area.



Is a dark rug a good idea?

Black rugs with dark undertones are a great idea because they can be a perfect auxiliary piece or companion for another piece of furniture in your room.

Does a black rug make a room look smaller?

Naturally, black rugs can make a room look smaller. However, this is only the case if you purchase a properly sized rug that is proportionate with the measurements of your room. Avoid buying rugs that are undersized because they can actually make a room look bigger.

Are black rugs stylish?

Black rugs are definitely stylish because they offer homeowners an infinite amount of decorative combinations and endless possibilities to perfectly furnish their residence.

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