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If you're wondering why extra large rugs are ideal for living room and dining areas, here's a brief overview of what they offer. Large outdoor rugs have numerous benefits, which make them a smart buy for any home. They're more durable in comparison to smaller area rugs. And just because they are large, it doesn't mean that they carry less value. Large silk rugs or woolen carpets will be more difficult to move than smaller ones but make up for it by lasting longer and looking better. This is especially true if you have young children and pets at home too. As an added benefit, they can effectively hide both stains and soil in a room since they cover a much greater surface area than most smaller rugs do. Explore our extensive collection that includes various styles from oriental to floral rugs. Shop now.

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large rugs

Shop large rugs online at Jaipur Rugs France

When it comes to shopping for big rugs, large rugs, and extra large rugs online, Jaipur Rugs France is your go-to store. At Jaipur Rugs, we offer large rugs for sale in a multitude of different designs, color schemes, patterns, and styles for the unique individual needs of our clients. Our selection of large rugs includes large grey rug, natural rugs, grey rugs, kilim rugs, and a plethora of others that you can browse. The important to thing to note is that our rugs are handcrafted by well-experienced professionals who have undergone many years of apprenticeship and training to curate the best rugs. By combining well-trained artisans with our quality sourced materials, you are destined to receive a rug that exceeds your expectations.

How to find the perfect large rugs for your home

Finding the perfect set of large rugs for your home can be a challenging, but rewarding experience. It is important during your rug shopping experience that you tend to your personal needs. Rug shopping should be focused on your personal decorative style, so when perusing through our collection of large rugs, consider buying one that speaks to you and trusts your intuition.

Where to place large-size rugs

Living Room

Large living room rugs are an exceptional solution for your next focal point. Given the standard size of living rooms in this modern age, living room rugs that are large in size are perfect for the space. Providing they are rectangular in shape, they provide enough width and length to leave a solid carpet border around the rug, and enough blank space for chairs, sofas, and tables to be styled around it.


Placing large rugs in the bedroom can be accomplished by securing them underneath half of your bed frame. By splitting the size underneath the bed and in front of the bed, you are successfully adding perspective to the space and designing your room with advanced principles.

Dining Room

Unlike a large outdoor rug, large dining room rugs are a fine choice for elegance. Leveraging the rug’s size and positioning it at an angle will add an element of fanciness and sense of wealth to the space.



What's the largest rug size?

The largest sized rug offered at Jaipur Rugs France is 300x420cm. However, our large rugs range from a size of 240x300cm to 270x360.

Is an 8x10 rug big enough for a living room?

An 8x10 large rug is definitely big enough for the living room. In fact, these large rugs are the perfect size for any standard living room because they have a definitive ratio that is neither too big nor too small.

How to clean a large rug?

Surprisingly, cleaning large rugs is a super simple process. The following information are a few tips to keep in mind while considering about providing care for your set of large rugs in your home: schedule a professional to come to clean it once a year, vacuum it every other week, use warm water and a cloth to scrub out stains, and avoid washing it in machines to protect its structural integrity.

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