yellow rugs

Seeing a yellow rug in your living space instantly makes it seem more inviting. Yellow is one of the most cheerful colors, meaning that seeing it in your home is sure to brighten up your day. Yellow outdoor rugs are also great for puppies and kittens! They're popular choices for older children who've outgrown their plush toys but not their space yet. Adults love them too! Kitchen floors, dens and clothing closets all look so much nicer with those cheerful yellow cotton rugs on display. Yellow jute rugs are also good for the office, bringing some cheerfulness into a very utilitarian space.

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yellow rugs

Renovate your home with our designer yellow carpets

If you are looking for a new and improved rug to renovate your home, then look no further than Yellow Rugs from Jaipur Rugs. Yellow carpet from Jaipur Rugs is among the finest selections on the rug market. This is because our e-commerce store offers a wide selection of round yellow rug, yellow shag rug, yellow runner rug, and yellow graphic rugs to choose from. There is no doubt that if you are looking for a set of yellow carpet to spice up your abode with vibrance, we have it in our selection.

Furthermore, if you are looking to shop yellow carpet by material, there is always the option to filter by the wool rug, natural rugs, and tufted rug. You will soon come to find that the overtone of yellow is supported by the material the rug is created from. We ensure that our yellow rugs are created by well-experienced artisans and that the materials are sourced from reputable, long-standing vendors within our region.

Placement of Yellow Rugs

Living Room

One place to consider placing yellow carpet is in the living room. Yellow rugs for the living room is a great option for homes with darker wall colors. Yellow rugs will surely be a perfect pairing for walls colored with different shades of grey, black, maroon, and blue. Incorporating too much yellow into a room as well as too many neutral and bright tones can cause an overbearing feeling for your guests and residents. If perhaps you do not feel like putting a new set of yellow carpet in your living room, there is always a consideration for a yellow outdoor rug that can blend with the intricacies of the sky and nature.

Dining Room

Yellow is also a variation of the color gold. Therefore, yellow carpets in a dining room is an excellent idea for homeowners looking to bring about a sense of fancy, elegance, and properness to their dining area. Pairing it with incredulous artwork, shiny dining ware, and a prim and proper table set will surely leave your visitors in awe when they visit.


Yellow carpet and gold rugs are a prominent choice for the bedroom, especially when placed underneath furniture. More specifically, yellow rugs placed under nightstands, dressers, drawers, and even TV stands are ideal locations for these rugs. It will blend and contrast with the darker-toned wood that encapsulates each furniture piece.



Are yellow rugs fashionable?

Yellow carpet is most definitely a fashionable option for many modern homes. Commonly, vibrant colors traverse the newly established style of contemporary decorating across the world. Therefore, integrating the vibrance of yellow carpet into your residence can be a perfect option for those looking to add an element of flamboyance to their area.

What is the price range for yellow rugs?

At Jaipur Rugs, you can find yellow carpet in a wide range of price offerings. We ensure to provide our customers with such a wide range so that every budget is included accordingly. Currently, our prices range from €80 to €35,740 for the yellow carpet.

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