orange rugs

One of the most aesthetically pleasing things in your home is using different colors on your oriental rugs. Orange rugs, being at the center of attention, are a great way to add more color to your space. The shade will make any large room appear smaller and more intimate, making it perfect for small living or bedroom spaces. The orange carpet will also contrast against the neutral tones of white, black, and cream and blend in great with grey, navy blue, and brown colors. Orange flatweave rugs are also a great option if you don't prefer piles. They are great for making a great life statement in any room, no matter the size!

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orange rugs

Renovate your home with our designer orange rugs

Designer orange carpet is a great way to make a statement in your newly renovated home. There is no better feeling than a fresh new orange shag rug or round orange rug that traverses your floors and showcases a radiant feeling across the room. Consider adding round rugs, shag rugs, or traditional rugs with an orange-colored tone to your new space today by visiting our Jaipur Rugs France online store. You will be provided with a curation of orange rugs that are handcrafted with the highest quality fabric in addition to being formed by the finest hands among our decorated artisans.

Placement of Orange Rugs

Living Room

Orange rugs for living room are perfect for incorporating contrasting colors in an otherwise neutral toned space. Adding orange rugs here will provide you with an immaculate setting that is uniquely designed.

Dining Room

The dining room is an interesting place to put orange rugs, especially when they are paired with blue rugs. Contrasting orange and blue together results in a stunning, eye-gazing look because they naturally complement each other on the color wheel.


Placing orange rugs underneath your newly bought king-sized bed is a great way to highlight the main focal point of the room. Beds tend to be the centerpiece of any bedroom, so adding a vibrant undertone in and around the frame can be a surefire way to create a stimulated setting.


An orange runner rug is ideal for making an opening exclamation when you open the door and welcome new visitors into your home. You can either incorporate this rug indoors or as an orange outdoor rug. But, regardless they will surely be speechless when they view the magnificent color and exciting appeal that orange rugs have to offer.



Are orange Rugs Stylish?

Orange rugs are indeed stylish. Their vibrant, orange tone that is similar to that of red and yellow is a prominent indicator of how they will be perceived inside your home. An orange rug can add spice, youthfulness, and livelihood to any space that it is placed in. Therefore, considering orange rugs for your next decorative piece may be an ideal option depending on your wants and needs.

What styles orange carpets are available at Jaipur Rugs?

The three styles offered at our Jaipur Rugs France store are modern, transitional, and traditional rugs. Each style contains a unique set of materials, patterns, and orange color variations that embody their own appearance. Whether you are looking for something contemporary, minimalistic, inspired by history, or something that is basic, search by style today to find orange rugs that satisfy your needs.

How much does an orange rug cost?

Orange rugs for sale at our Jaipur Rugs France store can range anywhere from €60 to €2,32,190. Our options contain price points that are ideal for any budget looking to add orange rugs to their space. You can filter either by lowest price or highest price to see what we have to offer for your financial needs.

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