pink rugs

If you’ve found yourself looking around your living space and wondering where all the color went, then it is time for a new rug! Oink rugs will create an inviting atmosphere and bring life back into your room. Bright-colored boho rugs are often used in living room since they can add the finishing touch to any living space. Light pink rugs or geometric rugs in different tones of pink is one of the best ways you can use your design skills to brighten up a room.

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pink rugs

Refurbish your home with our designer Pink rugs

Pink rugs can be a fantastic way to add vibrant undertones to your refurbished home. Whether you consider purchasing a light pink rug or one with darker tones of pink, pink carpets can provide a warm, fuzzy, and playful appeal to homes that need more liveliness. On our online store at Jaipur Rugs France, we offer rugs for sale that range from pink shag rug and round pink rug, to large pink rug. In addition to these offerings, we offer our visitors the opportunity to select from materials like cotton rugs and silk rugs. Depending on the nature of your decorative interests, you can shop at Jaipur Rugs France to browse a curated selection of pink carpets that meet all of your needs when it comes to redesigning a space.

Placement of Pink Rugs

Living Room

If you find that your living room consists of boring colors and unappealing design mechanisms, then consider purchasing pink carpets to spruce up the place. The color pink and its imaginable patterns can add value, energy, and excitement to a room. Thus making it a favorable place for residents and visitors to hang out.


Pink rugs for the bedroom are an excellent way to take a Drury, neutral-toned space and transform it into a playful and energetic one. Pink undertones are able to add a strong contrast of color that make it a happy place to walk into. Think about purchasing pink carpet for your next bedroom renovation if you are looking to transform your space to the upper echelon.


Adding pink carpets to a grand entryway can be a strong opening statement, especially when you have visitors over. Pink carpets at the front or back entryway can truly define a home because it sets an example for what designs and decorative style to expect in other rooms throughout the residence.



Are Pink Rugs Stylish?

Pink carpets are really stylish when it comes to using them as a focal piece or accent piece in your room. The color pink is a strong highlight that catches the attention of anyone that walks into the room. Its mighty vibrance adds texture, warmth, and fashionability to your room with ease.

What styles of pink carpets are available at Jaipur Rugs?

There are hundreds of styles of pink carpets offered at Jaipur Rugs. But, one thing you may want to consider during your next rug purchase, is multicolor rugs. These rugs that incorporate varying degrees of pink are popular among our customers because they support variety, diversity, and personality during the decoration phase of refurbishing a home.

How much does a pink rug cost?

Regardless if you are operating on a low end budget or high end budget, our Jaipur Rugs France store offers clients an array of priced pink carpets to suit anyone’s needs. The lowest priced pink carpet we offer is €120 whereas the highest priced pink rug is €62,240. Start shopping by filtering pink carpets by high or low price today to search for something you and your family will love.



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