grey rugs

You may have just seen the latest trend in home decor, and you might be wondering why you should get on board. The answer is simple: grey rugs are not just a design statement; they are practical, functional, and versatile. From creating a muted backdrop to adding pops of color (literally) to your space, the shade of gray is excellent. Grey runner rugs are perfect for every room in your house. You can use them to create a mood. From kids rugs to stair rugs, you can find carpets in grey tones for every room & crannies. Grey carpets have become popular accents for everything from bedrooms to kitchens, as they work equally well across any style or color palette.

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grey rugs

How can a grey rug emphasize your Home Decor?

Grey rugs from Jaipur Rugs can be a great way to add emphasis to a room's decor. The neutral tone of the grey color allows it to blend seamlessly with a variety of different design styles and color schemes. Additionally, because of the range of shades in which grey can come, it can create a subtle or bold visual statement in the room, especially with dark grey carpet. In addition to being an artistic statement, grey carpet has other benefits such as being known for their durability.

More specifically, the strong pile and tightly knit threads found in the grey runner rug make grey carpet a practical choice for high-traffic areas. At the end of the day, Jaipur Rugs is known for its traditional and contemporary hand-knotted rugs, which are made from high-quality materials, adding to the rug's durability and making it a long-lasting investment in any home decor.

How to Choose the right gey rug for your home?


Whether you find yourself shopping for a large grey rug or a round grey rug, the grey carpet options available at Jaipur Rugs is second to none. There are dozens of sizes, regular shapes, and odd shapes to choose from for your next grey carpet. You are able to select sizes between 2x3ft and 12x15ft in addition to picking a square, rectangular, oval, or round shape. However, one important thing to note prior to buying your next grey carpet, is the importance of measuring your space before purchase. This will ensure that you are buying a proportionately sized rug that does not look undersized or oversized in any way.


The grey carpets come in many different materials. Jaipur Rugs offers a grey fluffy rug, grey shaggy rug, and other shag rugs that are made from high-quality sources such as wool, viscose, jute, bamboo, silk, and more. Depending on how soft or tough you want your material to be, selecting the composition of your grey carpet largely depends on where and how the rug will be placed. Generally, it is advised to place heavy and tough rugs underneath furniture and in high traffic areas because these grey carpets are known for their structural integrity.

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Grey rugs can make for great companions as outdoor rugs or living room rugs. A grey outdoor rug or grey rugs for the living room can pair their neutral opacity with almost any color scheme inside a household. Grey is a natural color that can easily blend many elements together and create integral transitions between contrasting colors in a room.


Patterned grey carpet typically comes in many different patterns and are often considered as multi color rugs. The patterns found in these carpets can either be oriental, traditional, stripped, abstract, geometric, or many others which require a plethora of different color themes to satisfy their artistic intention.



Are grey carpets in fashion?

Grey carpets are most definitely one of the more fashionable options in today’s rug market. Given the progressive contemporary look that most urban and suburban homes are adopting, the grey color can work really well with this style. Typically, black, white, and grey colors take over these modern-style homes with dominance because they offer a sense of minimalism, comfort, and solidarity for the majority of homeowners.

Is grey a good color for the carpet?

Grey carpets can be a fantastic color for the floor because of their light and subtle nature. If you are looking to diverge visitor attention to other fancy decorum found in your room, a grey rug will help accomplish this. The lighter feel and appearance of grey tones easily shift the focus of a person to more vibrant or darker colors found in vases, lamps, and artworks alike.

Where to place grey rugs?

By using your imagination, the sky's the limit when it comes to placing grey carpets in and around your home. Grey rugs are incredibly versatile so they can be placed in the bathroom, living room, outdoor patio, bedroom, kitchen, hallway, dining room, basement, garage, and so much more. Regardless of the room that you are deciding to put a new grey carpet in, the grey color will work wonders with other color schemes, decorations, and furniture.

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