stair rugs

Whether you're considering changing the stairs in your home and dealing with the aesthetic, health, or practical issues that layering stair runner carpet can solve, they're worth it. With so many reasons to be excited about these changes now more than ever, we wanted to outline some of the most common benefits and how they will affect your life. Stair runners are good for homeowners and renters alike. The extra padding of traditional rugs on stairs is always appreciated. Transitional rugs can add to the ambiance of your stairs & hallways.

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stair rugs

Decorate your Stair with our designer Stair carpets

Stairs are often neglected when it comes to adding a rug or some kind of decorating piece to spice it up. However, luckily for you, Jaipur Rugs offers designer stair rugs which are the best carpet for stairs. More specifically, researching, identifying, and selecting a stair runner or stair runner carpet for your home is a grandiose idea. Runners are made up of thin fabric and are normally narrow in shape. Therefore they can serve as a great accent piece for your stairs.

Stair carpets are emerging as a new and improved decorating style across the world. Often, stairs have a bland look filled with solid color and are lacking in uniqueness, design, patternation, and color theme. Therefore, purchasing stair carpets for your multi-story home can really enhance the look, feeling, and comfort that your home brings to your family and its visitors.

Explore various styles of stair rugs & carpets available at Jaipur Rugs France


Stairs with modern rugs are a common choice for those residing in contemporary residences. They add a look of simplicity, minimalism, and subtleness that effectively collaborates with the neutral tones surrounding the home.


Traditional or oriental stair carpets often come as ivory rugs. The ivory color in conjunction with ethnic inspiration and original styles from the Middle East and Asia come together to build an antiquated appeal.


Transitional carpets can be an ideal decision for those looking to combine the appearance of modern and oriental rugs. Transitional stair carpets offer a basic look that integrates nicely in a space with any theme.



Which type of carpet is best for stairs?

If you are considering a purchase of stair carpets, look at runner rugs because they lay easily up and down your stairs and can still leave a little bit of wiggle room on either side. This ensures that your stairs have the added benefit of a rug with a unique style that contrasts appropriately with the original color of the rug. This gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to styling your steps with stair carpets.

When it comes to the material of your stair carpet, consider looking at viscose rugs. They provide adequate friction to prevent slippage on your steps, are comfortable when walked on, and are durable so that they can resist repetitive foot traffic over time.

What is the best Color for a stair carpet?

The best color for stair carpet are grey carpet stairs. The grey color ideally fits nicely with the normal stair colors of white and ivory. In addition, since more homes are becoming modernisitic and developing contemporary themes, the grey color is a neutral tone that can embody both decorating styles.

If grey is not your color type, please keep in mind that we have a plethora of other colored stair carpets that come in black, blue, yellow, red, orange, green, and many other single and multi-color palettes that can suit any type of taste.

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