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Runner rugs have been popular for many years. Carpet runners are perfect for thin spaces that need "sprucing up" but don't have too much flooring to spare like hallways, entryways, and long stretches of stairs. Enrich your creativity by indulging in genuine workmanship. Update the ambiance of your living areas with runners that will blend flawlessly with your décor, whether they are monochromatic rugs or carpets in a variety of colors. In fact, hallways, entryways, and sets of stairs are all improved with runners or elongated oval rugs because they often go a long way towards making space feel more welcoming and homey.

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runner rugs

It's a good idea to update your space but it can be challenging to know where to start when remodelling or decorating a home. Luckily, a gorgeous rug makes a quick change possible. With our fashionable black runner, you can easily add some interest to any corridor, no matter how little or lengthy it may be. A runner rug is a very adaptable piece of furniture that may be placed in your foyer, hallway, or in space between rooms. In terms of size, colour, style, and other factors, there are many possibilities available at Jaipur Rugs. We have a variety of colours depending on the interior design of your room. You have plenty of options, including grey and blue runners. For smaller spaces, go with round green carpets or runners near a bed and with big spaces, you can try different promotions and combinations. Carpet runners for halls also can bring a pop of eye-catching flair to your space.

Shop the best runner rugs online at Jaipur Rugs

Hallway runners or hallway carpets bring a hint of informal comfort and help create a stylish first impression. For a trendy appeal, you can add living room rugs exclusive handmade by Jaipur Rugs' experienced artisans to your living space or even your patio with outdoor runners. Persian runners provide a blend of heritage and modernity to any corner of your home. With modern rugs, you have the power to showcase your taste and personality. Also, you can add hallway rugs with your grey carpets for added cosiness and eye-catching flair. At the Jaipur Rugs store, we have more than 10,000+ designs to choose from and 1000+ colour combinations to go with any style of decor.

How to choose the right runner rugs for your home?

When buying a runner rug for your home, first you have to decide the purpose of it. Whether you want to place it in high-traffic areas like living rooms or hallways or want to place it in a low-traffic area like the bedroom. Also, you have to take into consideration the existing decor style and colour scheme.

By Material

There are various types of rugs available. Some are made from synthetic fibres, and some from 100% natural fibres. If you want to bring cosiness to your space then you should try wool and cotton rugs for added warmth. If you want a luxurious piece of art, go with silk rugs or bamboo silk rugs for a touch of sumptuous flair.

By Design

Choosing the right design for your space sometimes gets very challenging. But at Jaipur Rugs, we have 10,000+ rugs to choose from the desired one for your space. From modern rugs to traditional rugs to transitional rugs we have everything to amp up your space.

By Colours

Colours always play a vital role when it comes to decoring a space. Selecting the right colour scheme is very important because it can make or break the appearance of the space.

By Size

If you have a small space, make sure that that runner you purchase is not the same size. But with bigger spaces, there is no worry about the size because you can try different promotions and combinations.

Explore different types of runner rugs at Jaipur Rugs

Since we are in the business for the past 40+ years, we sell different types of rugs for every space and budget.

Hand Knotted

Hand-knotted rugs are made from hands by tying 2,00,000+ knots depending on the rug size. This type of rug making was very popular in ancient Persia, that's why we at Jaipur Rugs still use the 500 years old methods to weave grey carpets and rugs.

Hand Tufted

Hand-tufted rugs are made using a tufting gun to make exquisite designs that can mesmerize anyone's eyes. These types of rugs are much cheaper than hand-knotted rugs.

Hand Loom

This process of weaving carpets is much similar to handloom cloth weaving. A worker secures the wrap and allows the weft to be interwoven. If the carpet must be constructed with several colours, the colour of the yarn must be altered in the appropriate places to aid in the creation of the final design.

Flat Weaves

Flat weave rugs are the type of rugs that are made from wool, cotton or jute rugs. Similar to how textiles are made, these carpets are made by interlacing warp and weft threads. Because of its portability, adaptability, durability, and affordability, a wide variety of weaving patterns, styles, and colours have emerged. You can buy a jute outdoor rug for better style and functionality.


Patchwork rugs are very trendy these days. They are created by sewing together cut-off pieces to make masterpieces that can catch anyone's attention.

Decorate your interior with the best carpet runner

When decorating your home, rugs always play a vital role. A rug can make or break a room very easily, so before buying rugs, you have to think about the design, pattern and colour schemes. We at the Jaipur Rugs store have the best on-trend design to amp up the appearance of your home. You can also go with traditional rugs if you want to add a hint of vintage vibes or get a transitional rug to showcase the blend of modern and traditional designs.


FAQs about runner rugs

What are the trendy colours for carpet runners?

We at Jaipur Rugs have more than 1000 colour combinations to choose from. If you want to amp up the appearance of space try vibrant colour rugs or go with soothing colours for a minimalistic appearance.

Should I put a carpet runner on my stairs?

Yes, why not? A runner carpet for stairs will give a blend of functionality and style.

What are runner rugs used for?

Primarily used in hallways or traditional spaces.

How much does a runner rug cost?

We have 10,000+ designer rugs and carpets to choose from. Our price range starts from €90 to €26,460.


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