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We are aware of how crucial it is for a workplace to appear welcoming and competent. We take great effort to choose the best material for our carpets because of this, and we also provide a large selection of styles and designs. The ideal office carpet for your company may be found at Jaipur Rugs, whether you're seeking for a bold and contemporary design or something more understated. To accommodate any room, our office carpets are available in a range of hues, designs, and sizes. Traditional Oriental carpets, colourful rugs, and even runner rugs are all options. Whether you're searching for a multicolor rug, a floral rug, or a runner rug, we have everything you need to furnish your office with style.

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office rugs

Carpets can drastically make or break the appearance of any space, and these are considered one of the most luxurious decor items to buy. The distinctive designs, patterns, and shapes of our collection of handmade carpets and rugs will take your decor a notch higher. Like living room rugs, you can also elevate the overall appearance of your space by adding an office chair rug. Or, if your office is in your home, try to consider a home office rug.

Find the Widest Selection of Office Carpets at Jaipur Rugs France

At Jaipur Rugs France, we have plenty of options for you to select the desired one for your commercial space. We have 10,000+ designs and 1000+ colour combinations to choose from. From modern to traditional to transitional rugs, we have everything you have desired.


Make your office more appealing and cosy with eye-catching colour combinations, patterns and designs. Our collection of office floor carpets and modern rugs will easily amp up your workspace with a touch of contemporary flair.


There is no question that the beauty of traditional rugs can add character to any workspace. However, handmade rugs are an investment you will most likely be living with for a long time, so selecting the right rug for your space is crucial. Using traditional methods, techniques and designs, we blend centuries-old motifs with modern elements and bring your office back to life. Traditional round rugs can be used in almost any space to make it look bigger. Even if the room is carpeted, you may define the space by layering round rugs.


Traditional and modern rug designs are combined to create transitional carpets. The transitional rugs offer elegance with less formality while showcasing cutting-edge components that create a more energising atmosphere in your office. There is no colour restriction on transitional rugs with countless design options.

Why should you buy Office Carpets from Jaipur Rugs France?

For the past 40+ years, Jaipur Rugs has been manufacturing and selling carpets and rugs. We have 10,000+ designs and 1000+ colour combinations to choose the desired one for your space. We have experienced artisans who are experienced and talented. We sell in 75 countries, including the US, the UK, China, UAE and more to count. We have a team of 40,000 artisans, and 700 looms. We provide free worldwide shipping and additional discounts on handmade rugs.


FAQs about office carpet

What type of carpet is best for commercial use?

For commercial use, you can go with woolen rugs, shaggy rugs, kilims rugs and bamboo silk rugs.

Is carpet good for an office?

Yes, carpets are suitable for house and commercial spaces because they will bring a sense of calmness.

How long does a commercial carpet last?

It depends on how you care for them and where you place them. We recommend vacuuming your rugs once a week to maintain their new-like finish.

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