white and ivory rugs

We are well known for our superior quality and distinctive style. Since each rug is individually hand-knotted, it is meticulously made and one of a kind. They have a selection of multi-color rugs with striking hues, elaborate designs, and complicated textures that nonetheless have a classic appearance. We offer area rugs for every room in your house as well as prayer carpets for homes of any denomination. Our multicoloured rugs are particularly well-liked since they present a colourful and captivating display.

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white and ivory rugs

Ivory Rugs

Want to spruce up the vibe of your interiors with handmade rugs and carpets? How about adding ivory and cream area rugs to your living room and bedroom to create a natural and relaxing mood? Here's how ivory area rugs can tie your home decor together

Ivory carpet not only brings class, style, and sophistication to your home but also tie your space together by making your room look more defined. You have to choose suitable colour schemes, sizes, and patterns to ensure that the rug is pulling the room together.

Buy Cream and Ivory Rugs Online at Jaipur Rugs France

Jaipur rugs are known as the original rug maker. We produce luxurious handmade and tufted rugs that can last for generations. If you are looking to buy cream and ivory rugs online or want something more personalized like customized rugs, you can visit our website, where you will find every pattern, shape, size, and colour. From cream shag rugs to ivory jute rug, you will find all types of cream and ivory carpets that can make your space look aesthetically appealing and comfortable.

How Ivory Rugs can Emphasize your room decor

An ivory shag carpet can provide warmth and character to your living room and anchor your space. From ivory jute rugs to ivory wool rugs, carpets play a vital role in tying every element within your home.

Where To Place a Cream and Ivory Carpet

Be it a cream area rug or a black and ivory rug made of silk, you can place different kinds of rugs in your home.

Living Room:

When choosing cream rugs for the living room, always buy cream kilim rugs. The placement depends on the size and shape of your living room. If you have a medium-sized living room, you can place a cream rug 8x10 in the centre to make your space look connected.


If you have a large room, place an ivory rug 6x9 in front or side of your bed. This will make your bedroom look more defined and leave some walking space.

Dining Room:

Place a cream jute rug under your dining table. However, ensure that the rug extends at least 24" past the table on all sides for the room to look balanced.


Always place a cream rug or ivory jute rug in the front of the refrigerator, sink, or other places in your kitchen where there is a likelihood of spilling.


If you have a large-sized and bland outdoor space, you can place a cream rug large in the centre of the patio to cover the entire space. But if you have a narrow space, black runner comes in handy. However, always ensure space between the patio perimeter and the rug edges for the guests to walk.



Where can I buy the best quality cream and ivory rugs online?

If you want to purchase fine quality, original cream and ivory rugs online, you should visit Jaipur Rugs—one of the biggest carpet stores in India known for their premium quality handmade rugs and carpets. You can choose from several colours and materials, from Black and Ivory rugs to cream wool rugs.

Do ivory rugs stain easily?

Ivory rugs are aesthetically pleasing and can add a calming and natural vibe to your home. Many people may think that ivory carpets can be stained easily. However, if you keep them spotless by maintaining them properly through vacuuming and other cleaning methods, they can last for decades.

How do you clean ivory rugs?

You can easily clean and maintain your ivory, white, and cream rugs through effective cleaning methods like vacuuming and spot cleaning. While vacuuming helps eliminate the dirt and debris accumulated in the ivory rug, spot cleaning cleans stubborn spots and keeps your ivory and cream area rug fresh and new.

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