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overdyed rugs


What are overdyed rugs?

The charm of vintage rugs is truly incomparable. It lets you decorate your home not just by its visual appeal but also with its vintage and rustic charm. However, not everyone can dash out the bucks required for buying a vintage rug. They are definitely investment pieces and are more than just floor covering; vintage rugs are pieces of art that you can walk on. But if you are looking for a similar vintage aesthetic, we can vouch for overdyed rugs which are easily the best way to bridge the gap between modern and traditional, glamour and regality. These vibrant-coloured rugs pack a punch and add a burst of life to any  room they are placed in. Over-dyed rugs were discovered in Istanbul, Turkey wherein rug dealers devised this process as a way to try and breathe new life into worn, faded, or simply old handmade rugs. 

At Jaipur Rugs, we have a stunning collection of brilliantly overdyed carpet which look sleek, attractive, and supremely exquisit. They can brighten and warm up any space to make it look more inviting. 

The process behind making overdyed rugs

Majorly constructed from wool, overdyed rugs are first decolorized and if the original colors are not already faded, they are neutralized. Even after toning down the original colors, the rug retains the essence of its original design and is then over-dyed with rich ink or dye to create a solid, monochromatic color. The original design of these wool rugs peeks through the over-dye and adds character and charm to the rug. And just like that, you have a vintage rug in vivid, bright palettes in place of an old, faded, dingy appearance.Overdyed rugs have long been a favourite in modern home decor as they are the perfect blend of traditional motifs but juxtaposed with a contemporary palette and overall aesthetic. 

Why choose Jaipur Rugs to buy overdyed rugs?

At Jaipur Rugs, every rug is made from a family’s blessing. We bring to you these blessings in the form of handmade rugs from India which is the source of livelihood of thousands of rural artisans who are skilled in this ancient craft. When you buy a rug from us, not only do you invest in buying an heirloom for your home decor but also help these artisans preserve this craft tradition and earn a living. Jaipur Rugs strives to bridge the gap between rural Indian artisans and global customers who are invested in good design and ethical practices. We also offer free home delivery in AU and offer discounts across different kinds of rugs, meaning that there is something in store for every style and budget at Jaipur Rugs. 

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Jaipur rugs
Jaipur rugs