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traditional rugs

Classic, also known as traditional, is a style that emerged from early Europe, and is a mix of Greco-Roman design. Its emphasis is on harmony, using symmetry, balance and order, and creates an aura that never goes out of trend.


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Why Traditional Rugs are Evergreen

Have you ever visited a friend or relative’s home and were left awestruck by the stunning Oriental rug placed in the middle of their living room? The intricate details, the fine color palette, and the sheer artistry that is palpable at first sight- there are many things that set traditional rugs apart from every other kind out there. Regality is just one of them.

Rugs weaving is an aged practice that was brought by Emperor Akbar when he came to India. Its Persian influences were and continue to be heavy in Indian handmade rugs. With spectacular designs that tell a unique story through each motif that is woven with meticulous attention and honed skills, these make for more than just rugs- they are veritable pieces of art that become a family heirloom and a long-term investment. And Jaipur Rugs Australia prides itself on being one of the few vanguards of this esteemed craft practice that is a crucial element in the fabric of India’s history and heritage. Some of the best carpets in the world are made in India, by skilled rural artisans who have inherited the craft from their ancestors. We bring to your stories of those artisans and their artistry through their impeccable creations. This way, not only can you buy Indian rugs online in Australia but also get to become a part of the community that preserves the art of handweaving rugs.

How to style Traditional rugs

If you pick the right traditional rug for your space, be it a commercial, official, or residential one, you can transform it immediately, and quite drastically so. A vintage carpet or red carpets in gorgeous Oriental patterns might just be what your home needed. However, there are some things you should bear in mind when investing in traditional or Oriental rugs:

 1. The first step you should take to ensure that your rug looks good in your room is by determining the dimensions and the size that will fit the space best. To make the room look optimal in terms of spatial aesthetic, leave out 2-3 feet from every side to make your room look bigger and your rug draws all the attention, in a good way.

 2. If you are building the decor of your room with the traditional rug as your reference point, make sure you choose elements that can balance the patterns out since an oriental rug will be heavy in detail. Pick out upholstery, wallpapers, and curtains that are more subdued and allow the rug to shine through and have its moment.

 3. Don’t forget to protect your rug with furniture coasters to distribute its weight evenly to avoid causing damage to the rug.

 4. You can also use your traditional rug as a wall hanging! It looks just as arresting and can be the center of attention in your living room.

 5. No matter where you decide to place your rug or how you style it, remember to protect it with a rug pad.

Why choose Jaipur Rugs to buy traditional rugs online

Oriental rugs have an undeniable charm, one that is hard to beat, no matter what kind of designs you prefer or how you like your home decor. Grand, regal, and elegant, these rugs breathe life to any room and can make it come alive just like that. However, they are also an investment as they aren’t as cheap, compared to jute or cotton rugs. At Jaipur Rugs AU, we offer you the best price you pay as each rug is handmade by our skilled artisans in rural India. The rugs go through 18 meticulous steps of finishing to ensure that they are flawless when they reach you. We also offer free delivery in AU, no matter where you are in the country. So, go ahead and shop away to give your home its much-need facelift.

Rugs Price
qnq-55 grey and black hand knotted Rugs AU$ 2,080
spr-41 red and orange hand knotted Rugs AU$ 5,530
tac-966 blue hand tufted Rugs AU$ 610
skrt-817 green hand knotted Rugs AU$ 4,860
satk-103 beige and brown hand knotted Rugs AU$ 1,09,710
qnq-44 grey and black hand knotted Rugs AU$ 4,160
spr-28 grey and black hand knotted Rugs AU$ 8,190
qm-401 beige and brown hand knotted Rugs AU$ 14,850
svtk-41 blue hand knotted Rugs AU$ 2,790
akwb-1323 beige and brown hand knotted Rugs AU$ 9,090
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