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modern rugs

Modern or ‘Con-tempo’, meaning “of the moment”. This style takes a life of its own, constantly evolving with the trend and also presenting the future, while other styles have elements to define.


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Bring Home a Modern Rug That Will Transform Your Space

The charm of a mid-century rug that has intricate detailing all over is unbeatable. It can adds relation to any space and can be the show-stopping decor element you want to have in your home. However, a traditional rug is heavy on the pocket with high maintenance and takes up a lot of physical as well as visual space. It is also hard to style in a contemporary home with minimalistic decor. But worry not, at Jaipur Rugs we have an array of other options for you, one of which is our wide collection of modern rugs that come in colors, designs, sizes, and materials that will suit any and every urban home. So if you are hunting for cool Indian rugs in Australia, you simply need to browse through our collection, and in a matter of a few minutes, you will have just the apt modern carpets for your home. From pattern rugs to outdoor rugs, warm woolen rugs to low-maintenance cotton rugs and jute ones, and even designer rugs that are creations of world-renowned artists, we have the whole spectrum at Jaipur Rugs AU.

Why You Should Opt for a Modern Rug for Your Home

One of the easiest ways to transform your space without the help of an expert or an interior decorator. At Jaipur Rugs AU, you will be able to choose from different kinds of shapes, like a hexagon, irregular, and circular other than the rectangular ones. The selection of modern rugs also has pieces from renowned designers who will give your home the facelift that you have been aiming for. Besides, if you need a little more help in deciding which decor theme you should build on, start with the floor covering. A modern carpet in Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Coastal, Georgian or Scandinavian design is bound to help you build a unique theme that is reflective of your personality.

Pick the right modern carpet from our collection to help ground down your decor, add color and design theme along with a center of attention that will attract every eye.

Why choose Jaipur Rugs when you buy Indian rugs online?

With every Jaipur Rugs Australia creation, we weave a hundred stories of every artisan and weaver who join hands to preserve the age-old craft of rug-weaving. The result is not just carpets but pieces of art that you can walk on and keep forever as heirlooms. Every detail is woven with meticulous attention and each rug goes through 18 steps of the finishing process to make it perfect before it reaches you. We are at your service even after delivery for any rug related queries or services you may require. 

When you order from Jaipur Rugs, we connect you to our artisans in rural India, forming a bond that is to last forever. We take all the precautions and care to deliver your rug to you safe and sound with free home delivery in AU, no matter where you are in the country. You can count on us when it comes to rugs of any kind as we promise to bring to you the blessings of a family in the form of rugs. 

Rugs Price
dr-119 blue flat weaves Rugs AU$ 780
tlt-655 blue hand tufted Rugs AU$ 370
esk-433 beige and brown hand knotted Rugs AU$ 5,000
taq-4305 beige and brown hand tufted Rugs AU$ 2,250
esk-404 grey and black hand knotted Rugs AU$ 680
taq-113 green hand tufted Rugs AU$ 2,040
esk-401 blue hand knotted Rugs AU$ 9,090
esk-400 green hand knotted Rugs AU$ 5,000
taq-802 blue hand tufted Rugs AU$ 760
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