size 240x300 cm rugs


size 240x300 cm rugs

Buy a 240 x 300 rug online in Australia

Ah yes, the classic 240 x 300 rug that has taken the world by storm. These 8 x 10 rugs are the standard-sized rug commonly found in millions of houses across the globe. If you are having trouble deciding between a myriad of rug sizes, then the 8x10 ft rug might be your go-to choice. These medium rugs are incredibly versatile, flexible, and applicable for any style of home.

Explore various styles of 240 x 300 rugs & carpets available at Jaipur Rugs AU


A modern 8x10 feet rug can be an excellent choice for contemporary-style homes. Typically, houses filled with abstract art, lots of solid colors, and minimalistic design principles are the best option for including modern silk rugs.



Traditional medium rugs are commonly referred to as oriental rugs because they originated in the Middle East and Asia during ancient times. Since then, traditional rugs have become increasingly popular and have remained a prominent choice among rug buyers today. A 240 x 300 rug that is traditional will incorporate a blend of multiple colors with classy and polished patterns that can add a historical feel to your place.


A 240 x 300 rug that is transitional is ideal for those that cannot decide between a modern and transitional rug. Transitional rugs, often, are multi color rugs that blend modern and traditional styles together. They incorporate abstract and ancient patterns and colors within each other to produce an effective piece that works seamlessly with any home.



What size rug is 8x10?

An 8x10 rug equates to a 240 x 300 rug, which is measured in centimeters.


Where should you place a 240 x 300 rug?

One common place for a 240 x 300 rug is outdoors. An outdoor rug of this size is best used on a solid surface patio that has furniture lying around it. This will allow the outdoor rug 240 x 300 to blend naturally with its environment.

What is the most common feature for 8 X 10 Area Rugs?

The most common feature of an 8x10 ft rug is its durability. Thanks to our incredible team of artisans, we are able to craft some of the finest rugs in the world, which are made up of quality material sourced from prominent vendors. Being mindful about where we source our rug fibers and threads allows our craftsmen to be diligent in weaving durable rugs that are built to last decades.

What shapes are available within 8 X 10 Area Rugs?

Aside from a standard 240 x 300 rug that is rectangular, Jaipur Rugs offers an assortment of other shapes. We also offer round rugs which are perfect for the bathroom, kitchen, or middle of your living room. Not only do we provide you with an option to purchase a round rug, but we also stock irregular shaped rugs. If you are looking to get a little wild, an odd shaped rug with jagged zig-zag edges may be something you are interested in.

How big should a room be for an 8x10 rug?

At a minimum, a room should at least be 10x12 to fit an 8x10 ft rug. This will ensure that the 240 x 300 rug has at least two feet around all of its edges. Leaving two feet of space between the rug and the wall will ensure that the rug doesn’t look oversized or out of place.

Is an 8x10 rug big enough for living room?

With typical living rooms being 16x20 feet, an 8x10 rug should definitely be big enough for your space. Although, it is recommended that you measure your living room with a tape measure just in case your space is smaller or perhaps even bigger than standard dimensions.



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