size 90x150 cm rugs


size 90x150 cm rugs

Buy a 90x150 rug online at Jaipur Rugs Australia

Are you looking for your next premier 90x150 rug to add a little bit of ambiance to your new and improved home? Well, look no further. At Jaipur Rugs Australia we offer an optimal selection of 3 x 5 rugs that can satisfy all your decorative needs. Carpet 90 x 150 can be an effective solution for decorators looking to add extra decor and groove to their space.  A 3x5 ft rug can serve as an excellent accent rug in many rooms.

We suggest looking at a 3x5 feet carpet to layer underneath side tables, as bedroom rugs, place in your foyer, add to the bathroom, or place around your island in the kitchen. Or perhaps if you are feeling a bit out of the ordinary, you can search for an outdoor rug 90 x 150 if you are looking to cozy up your patio with glorious views. Outdoor rugs can make for an awesome addition to a bland area.

How to choose the right 90x150 rug for your home?

By Material

Hop on our site and filter for a 3x5 feet rug in accordance to our material options. We offer a selection of wool, bamboo, viscose, silk, jute, cotton, and polyester 90x150 rugs. These materials each offer their own unique feel. If you are looking for something soft and fuzzy then you may want to select wool or cotton. Or rather, if you are concerned about style and looks, then you may want to choose silk for its sleek shiny appearance.

By Design

Additionally, you can filter your search further by pattern or design. We permit you to search our collection of abstract, distressed, geometric, kilim, oriental, and medallion patterns that are the most common 90x150 rugs we stock.

By Colours

If you are looking for a particular 3x5 feet rug with a unique color scheme that contains multiple or a single color, then we have you covered. You can search for grey rugs, blue, ivory, gold, or multi if you are feeling creative. In addition, there are also gradient color schemes such as beige and brown, grey and black, red and orange, or pink and purple that you can choose from.

By Size

Other than 90x150 rugs we offer other sizing options such as 120x180, 150x240, 180x270, 240x300, 270x360, or 300x420 if you are looking for bigger rugs to fill up larger spaces. Keep in mind that these rugs are measured in centimeters.


How big is a 90x150cm rug?

When converting, a 90x150 rug is equivalent to 3x5 feet.

How do you tell if a rug is too small for a room?

You can easily tell if designer rugs are too small for a room. Typically if you are using a 90x150 rug as a centerpiece, you want to observe whether the rug is less than 25% the area of the room. If so, you might want to consider using the rug as an accent piece as opposed to a focal piece. Rugs that are too small for a room can give off an odd perspective and even distort it beyond your intention.



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