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pink rugs

Rich and intriguing, purple has long been associated with royalty and is seen as a special color, while pink is associated with innocence and comfort. Rich and bright purples are opulent and dramatic while lighter lilacs and pinks are soothing.


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Pink rugs add charm and vibrance to your home

Lively, vivacious, and striking- the appeal that the colour pink has on the aesthetic of spaces is certainly undeniable. They instantly breathe life into spaces and it is also super easy to decorate your home with different hues of pink. Be it blush pink with its sophistication or an eccentric pink that is meant for catching attention, we at Jaipur Rugs have something in store for every homeowner. Be it a super cute and fluffy shag rug or a super exquisite Manchaha rug, pink rugs are a delightful addition to any space. A pink carpet goes beautifully with both jewel tones as well as hushed neutral palettes. So take your pick from our collection of pink rugs as per your budget, the purpose for which you are buying the rug, the size you need, and the designs that move you the most. 

How to style pink rugs

When you are deciding on a colour theme for your room, you should not only take into account your favourite shade but also the energy and vibe you want the room to evoke, as well as the existing decor elements that might be there.  While it’s true that like many rugs in non-neutral colours, styling a big centerpiece pink rug can be a bold decision. But if styled with a thoughtful curation of accessories, pink rugs can unify a room and even create a sense of tranquility and relaxation. 

  1. If you want to balance the elements of surprise and contrast in the room, we suggest you offset your pink carpet using a grey sofa, and pink cushions in either the same shade as the rug or a different one to complement. This simple design looks stylish, thanks to the pastel tones, and it makes the space look cool and tranquil. 

  2. When building on a colour scheme, you can match your curtains or another tapestry with the colour of your rugs to anchor the room and not make the rug stand out as much. 

  3. You can create visually appealing contrast simply by using the indoor greenery to balance the pink rug. You can also use a pink rug that has nature-inspired motifs to create a little tropical paradise in your home. 

  4. Another way to create contrast using pink is to add a dark pink carpet if your space has a fairly light colour scheme. 

  5. On the other hand, if you have a particularly bold piece of furniture like a colourful sofa, adding a dusky pink rug will soften the colours of the room to make it less stark and more calming. You can opt for large area rugs depending on the size of the space.

You can also make your pink rug the foundation of your home decor by bringing home a rug that is a statement piece and unique to your space. At Jaipur Rugs, we offer our customers the opportunity to customize their own rug, be it by altering the colour and size of a chosen rug, or designing a rug from scratch along with our artisans. This process ensures that you bring home a one-of-a-kind rug that is exclusive to you and your space.

Why choose Jaipur Rugs to buy pink rugs?

All of Jaipur Rugs’ AU creations are handmade in rural parts of India by generational skilled weavers and artisans who have been practicing their respective crafts for a long. Jaipur Rugs acts as a platform to highlight their talent and hard work and present it on a global platform so that you, no matter where you are in the world, can bring home a rug handmade with love in India by the vanguards of the art of rug weaving. To help showcase their talent to the world, we provide services that make your purchases from us seamless and hassle-free by providing all-around assistance from our rug experts, providing discounts as well as free home delivery all across AU, and even post-purchase rug maintenance guidance.

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