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geometric rugs

What are geometric rugs?

Geometric rugs consist of intricate designs made from geometric shapes. Items like squares, circles, lines, and ovals are combined to create repeatable patterns that stylize geometric rugs and add intricacy to your new home. This emerging rug style is quite similar to modern rugs and kilim rugs.

Buy the best geometric rugs online in Australia.

In Australia, Jaipur Rugs is the premier distributor and producer of geometric rugs. We offer the most elegant geometric carpets and runner rugs in the industry. Our proud family business, which has been operating for decades, is here to serve your carpets and decorating needs whenever and wherever you need them.

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Transitional abstract rugs offer an ideal solution for individuals who struggle to choose the perfect carpet for their home. These rugs combine modern and traditional abstract rug styles, resulting in a versatile and balanced design. Whether it's your living room, dining room, bedroom, or any vacant space, a transitional abstract rug can seamlessly complement the overall decor. Among the popular choices in the transitional rug category is our round geometric rug, which has gained popularity among homeowners seeking carpets that fulfill their transitional design requirements.

How to add energy to a room using geometric rugs?

Geometric rugs can add energy to any room in your house. The comprehensive yet extravagant patterns that compose pattern carpets add a sense of extravagance to the floor and can be used as an excellent accent tool with other secondary decorations.

Placement of pattern carpets

The beauty of pattern carpets is that they can be placed anywhere in and out of your residence. Geometric outdoor rugs are perfect for adding depth and style to your patio, doorstep, or garage. Additionally, geometric carpets can be used in bedrooms, adding a sense of youthfulness and an energetic vibe to your place.

Why choose us to buy geometric rugs?

Jaipur Rugs Australia offers thousands of different geometric rugs. Our many styles, materials, and colors will meet your needs. We offer several colors, such as pink, blue, ivory, red, and pattern rugs. These neutral colors are the perfect addition to any room and style you want to pursue.


Are geometric rugs in style?

Geometric rugs are one of the more popular rugs for millennials across the globe. They offer a modern, contemporary style complementary to newer homes being built.                

What is the starting price range of geometric rugs?

The price range of geometric rugs is AU $70 to AU $55,550. We offer many different options at every price range so that you can choose the best price for you and your family.

What are the different sizes of geometric carpets available at Jaipur Rugs?

Our sizing options, available in centimeters (cm), include the following: 60x90, 90x150, 120x180, 150x240, 180x270, 240x300, 270x360, 300x420, and 360x450. In addition, we offer 150-diameter round, 180-diameter round, 300-diameter round, Runner, Square, and Oversized Rugs.

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