size 120x180 cm rugs


size 120x180 cm rugs

Buy a 120x180 rug online Australia

When buying a 120x180 rug or 4x6 feet carpet at our online store, you will definitely not be let down. We provide our clients with a fantastic selection of 120x180 carpet that can truly captivate any room in any house.

Explore various styles of 120x180 rugs & carpets available at Jaipur Rugs Australia


A modern 120x180 rug is an excellent decision that can give your house that Hollywood feel. With contemporary style housing spreading from Los Angeles to all over the globe, modern rugs have become an essential part of the decorating initiative in these homes. Their one to two color profile with simple shapes can contrast nicely with the minimalistic nature of modern housing. We suggest grey rugs as a great first option for your 120x180 rug that is modern.


With origins in east and west asian communities, Traditional style carpet is a popular choice among first-time rug buyers as living room rugs. This 120x180 rug uses patterns created by ancient craftsmen and multicolor principles to hand make the rug. You can find colors like gold, green, ivory, beige, and more in these rugs.


Perhaps you are searching for an outdoor rug 120 x 180. Outdoor rug 120x180 that possesses a transitional style is ideal for creating a smooth transition between the inside of your home to your patio. If your patio is made of concrete, you may want to select a grey rug 120x180 to provide a subtle layer to the outdoors.

Different types of 120x180 rugs and Weaving Techniques

Hand Knotted

Per the name, hand knotted rugs are created by hand with the possibility of a loom to assist. Either the craftsman uses their hands or the loom to cross threads together and create several knots that span across the entire size of a rug.

Hand Tufted

Tufted rugs that are 120x180 rugs are created by using a progressive technique. This technique was adapted from ancient use of the loom and combined with modern day machinery to automate the process.

Hand Loom

Quite similar to hand knotted rugs, a hand loom rug is just as the name suggests. Our experienced personnel can handcraft hand loom rugs with the use of a loom rather than just their hands. They are able to stretch thousands of fibers to lengthen them and provide bulk to the rug.

Flat Weaves

Rather than layering multiple threads on top of each other, flat weaves contain just one thin layer of pile. This makes them airy and lightweight, thus they are easy to move from room to room.


Patchwork rugs that are 120x180 rugs can be thought of as a quilt. These rugs possess either symmetrical shapes or irregular shapes cut from different rugs. These shapes that are removed are then sewn back together to create one giant rug with its own finish.


This scruffy carpet consists of long threads that are loose. Hence the name shag, loose threads allow the carpet to develop a fuzzy look.



How big is a 120x180cm rugs?

A 120x180 cm rug is equivalent to a 4x6 feet rug. Visually, it can be compared to the size of a kitchen island or perhaps a kitchen table. Therefore 120x180 rug in feet is 4 x 6 rugs and can make for an excellent pairing in your refurbished cooking area.

What material is best for a 4x6 rug?

We suggest purchasing a 4x6 ft rug, or carpet 120x180, it is best to select a style made of wool. Woolen carpets are incredibly durable, affordable, and are generally used to provide warmth to a home. One fascinating thing about our stock of 120x180 rug is that our wool kinds can be combined with bamboo silk, viscose, and regular silk.



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