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grey rugs

Classic and considered, black & grey are timeless colors. They are stylish, unobtrusive and work best when combined with other colors, but can also be used in various shades for a tonal look.


Grey rugs to add a distinct charm to your home

‘Grey’ covers a large number of colours which also include those that aren’t true greys. These contain colours that create warm or cool undertones and hence, grey itself has the potential to create a warm scheme as well as a cool one. You can use the colour grey if you want to channel an edgy modern vibe or even go for grey if a charming country vibe is what you have in mind for a soothing and lively decor. Basically, the options with grey are absolutely endless. And this is why grey rugs continue to be a raging favourite amongst Jaipur Rugs loyalists. From solid grey rugs made in viscose to our Manchaha rugs in one-of-a-kind grey tones, you will find something for your choice, taste, budget, and requirements here at Jaipur Rugs.

‘When it comes to choosing grey, it is the temperature of the tone that is most important and will affect the feel of the space. Greys look different in different light and different size rooms so we have created some tried and tested groups of colours that each have a distinctive character.’

Why grey rugs are gaining popularity amongst homeowners and interior designers

Choosing grey rugs is all about choosing the right design as well as the temperature of the tone that will affect the feel and the look of the space. Did you know that different tones of grey look different in different light and size of rooms? This gives interior decorates and homeowners a lot of creative space to experiment with a large grey rug or multiple grey rugs in a space, explaining the growing popularity of this colour in rugs as well as other home decor elements. Here are a few ways in which you can emulate that professional and glamorous interior decorate-done look for your home using grey rugs:

  1. Create a silvery look: You can potentially transform your space dramatically by using greys in a tone-on-tone manner without making it monotonous or boring. How? Do your walls in a rough-luxe manner to introduce some texture and movement in the space, and add in a silky silver rug to reflect some light and add some glam, and go for a sofa in a deeper grey tone. You can add in some colour using blushing pink, pastel blues, and if you are feeling even more experimental, try corals!
  2. Add jewel tones to the room: if you don’t want to change your rug but just move around some decor elements in your room, the easiest way to complement your grey rug would be to add jewel tones like fuschia, ochre, teal, etc. This will instantly make your space look super young, inviting, and absolutely sensational. 
  3. Layer up: one of the most popular trends that a lot of interior decorators are experimenting with is layering rugs. You can use your large grey rug and use it as a base to layer up from there. You can take the tone-on-tone route and opt for grey rugs in cooler/warmer tones or you can colour contrast your way to a room that looks anything but dull and boring. 

Why choose Jaipur Rugs to buy grey rugs?

All of Jaipur Rugs’ creations are handmade rugs in rural parts of India by generational skilled weavers and artisans who have been practicing their respective crafts for long. Jaipur Rugs acts as a platform to highlight their talent and hard work and present it on a global platform so that you, no matter where you are in the world, can bring home a rug handmade with love in India by the vanguards of the art of rug weaving. Merge that with high-end technicality and precision in constructuction and finishing of our rugs, and you have the foundation of what we do at Jaipur Rugs. We deliver your rug safely to your doorstep, no matter where you are in Australia, Sydney or Brisbane, Perth or Canberra. Jaipur Rugs offers free delivery in Australia, a 30 days hassle-free return and only the impeccable, handpicked carpets. Even after your purchase, if you need expert advice on any rug related query, we are always here at your disposal.

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