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transitional rugs

A fine blend of classic and contemporary, transitional is both smooth and sleek, along with elegant and comforting. It adopts neutral colours, merging the masculine and feminine, and presents a look that is both clean and intricate.


What are transitional rugs?

While you may have heard of traditional and modern rugs before, transitional rugs may be a new term for you. Transitional rugs are those that blend elements of modern and traditional styles. The easiest way to identify a transitional rug is to look for a pattern that is similar to an antique rug but woven in a bold color palette of a modern rug or even the opposite wherein traditional colors are used with a modern pattern. As might be understood, it is a wide term and a lot of rugs can fit into this definition. 

Reasons why you should buy transitional rugs

If you are not yet convinced of the aesthetic potential of traditional rugs, let us give you a few more reasons why you should consider adding this gorgeous rug style to breathe new life to your space:

Versatile: A rug that mutates the best of traditional and modern rugs is bound to add glam, character, and depth to any room. And if you are someone whose home decor consists of both traditional and modern elements, opting for transitional rugs is the best decision you can make when doing your home over. It will effortlessly behind the decor elements in your room together, making it look cohesive and complete. They can fit into any room, starting from the foyer to your bedroom and even the kitchen!

Variety: Easily one of the biggest pros of transitional carpet- variety is something that this style has in abundance. From shapes and sizes to colours and designs and even materials, you can pick exactly according to your aesthetic and practical requirement. Be it a grey rug for your bedroom or a blue rug for your living room, wool rugs for the kids’ room or shag rugs for the study, you can find it all at Jaipur Rugs’ collection of transitional rugs.

Add a new lease of life to any space: If you are bored of how your home looks but don’t want to invest in a complete makeover, rugs are the easiest way to give the space a much-needed facelift. These rugs touch the whole spectrum of colour palettes, everything from contemporary neutrals to deeply saturated and warm hues.

Transitional rugs can transform a room immediately and add a fresh lease of life to it. You can either change the rug to change the look of the room or start decorating from the rug itself and build the other decor elements as per your stunning center piece.They make for the perfect interior decor solutions for homes across the world but we at Jaipur Rugs bring to you transitional rugs made by the skilled rug weavers of rural India. Immaculate technical knowhow and ancient wisdom of this age-old craft form combined with trendy designs make us one-of-a-kind when it comes to rug manufacturers across the world. 

Why choose Jaipur Rugs to buy transitional rugs in Australia?

No matter which design, colour, shape or size you choose, when it comes to rugs, the quality of its construction determines how long you will be able to own the rug before it gives way. At Jaipur Rugs, we pride ourselves in a weaving and finishing process that ensures that every rug in our inventory is impeccably woven and finished to perfection so that you are free of worry when buying a rug with Jaipur Rugs. We also offer free home delivery across AU and you can avail discounts at our online store when buying your favourite transitional rug.

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