wool rugs

Wool rugs from Jaipur Rugs achieve the twin objectives of instantly boosting the charm of an area and safeguarding floors. Our skilled weavers use only the best wool to create a wide range of woollen carpet designs, including solid round wool rugs, modern wool shag rugs, traditional large wool rugs, and transitional geometric rugs. Our hand-knotted rugs feature distinctive motifs and patterns. When looking for wool rugs for sale online, consider Jaipur Rugs India for its huge colllection. You will undoubtedly find something within your budget.

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wool rugs

In this day and age where our homes close in around us with nothing more than four walls and a ceiling, it's invaluable to have an area that feels expansive -- elegant yet relaxed. With a wool rug in your living room or bedroom, you will create an area for yourself that feels like it could go on for miles. It's all about the way the woolen carpets capture light and reveal colors, the rich texture that makes them look more expensive than they are.

Using a wool shag rug, you can extend your interior decorating to include your flooring and make a perfect look. The choices available at Jaipur Rugs will let you find one to match any style of furnishing in your house or office.

Buy the best wool rugs online in Australia

Wool rugs are chic, stylish and functional. They’re perfect to spruce up any room. If you want an elegant, eco-friendly way to upgrade your space, wool rugs are the answer.

And Jaipur Rugs is where you can get these stylish rugs online that also serve a practical purpose. We have a big selection of rugs and carpets. To make it simpler for you to purchase wool rugs online, we also provide free shipping, simple returns, and secure payment methods.

Look into our collection of rugs for sale featuring a variety of rugs that provide excellent levels of softness and resilience and are ideal for households with elderly and young children. A variety of colors are available in flatweave modern rugs that will go with any room in your home if you want more modern designs.

On top of it, you can get jute rugs as well which look great when layered with wool rugs.

Why invest in wool rugs?

If you’ve been struggling to find the right rug for your space, pay close attention to this one. Wool is a product of natural fibers and as such, it does not shed! Moreover, wool carpet prices at Jaipur Rugs are categorized to suit every budget. Also, you will be getting a lot of variety varying from rectangular to round rugs, living room to bedroom rugs, and traditional to modern rugs.  Stick around for all the reasons why wool rugs from Jaipur Rugs should be at the top of your list and don’t forget to check out wool rug sale.


Wool rugs provide greater wear and durability. They outlive all other types of rugs in durability. Wool is extremely resilient, which accounts for its durability.


The most sustainable material for carpets is wool. They decompose naturally. At the end of their useful lives, wool rugs can also be recycled.

Flame resistant:

Natural flame retardancy exists in wool carpets. A wool rug has a greater ignition temperature, making it more difficult for a flame to ignite.

Natural humidifier:

To maintain equilibrium in humid conditions, wool carpets will absorb moisture; in dry conditions, wool will release moisture.

Why Should I Buy My Wool Rug From Jaipur Rugs?

If you want to buy large wool rugs from Jaipur Rugs, there are many benefits. Jaipur Rugs is ideal because we have been around for over 40 years, offer 10,000 designs, have 1000 colors and also assure quality. Moreover, we have an extensive variety of wool rugs in different shapes as well - from rectangular area rugs to round wool rugs, you will find diversity like nowhere else. Furthermore, we also offer free shipping and easy returns which allows you plenty of time to decide without paying any extra money or waiting on the rug for you to return if you change your mind. Lastly, Jaipur Rugs is labeled as one of the leading manufacturers of handmade wool rugs and you can have your rugs delivered anywhere in Australia with us without any hassle.



How Are Wool Rugs Made?

Wool, a naturally resilient material that comes from shearing sheep (and sometimes other animals like alpacas, goats, or llamas), is typically used to make woolen rugs. Sometimes, wool is blended with other fibres like silk or bamboo silk. Rugs made of pure wool have a matte appearance, whereas those made of wool and silk are prized for their deep sheen.

Why are wool rugs better?

Wool is one of the best materials for rugs because it does not produce new fibres as wool is commonly used for different textile crafts. This means that wool rugs are almost never worn out, dyes and colors are easily applied to them, and they stand up against traffic and wear and tear well without fading or shrinking. And they're fire resistant! These qualities make wool rug a worthwhile investment.

Do wool rugs shed?

Yes, the first few months of use do cause new wool carpets to shed loose fibres.

How to clean a wool rug?

Clean up spills immediately with water and mild soap. Avoid using chemical cleaners since they can stain. Use cold or lukewarm water to remove spills or stains to prevent shrinkage and damage. Once every two to three years, we advise professional cleaning.


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Jaipur rugs

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