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wool rugs

Sheared from sheep, this fiber is the most associated with rugs for its sheer durability, sustainability and texture. Wool is the most common rug material and its durability extends generations, giving a classic matt look.


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Wool rugs for your lovely abode

Wool is the most popular and commonly used natural fiber when it comes to Indian area rugs and carpets. Wool rugs are perfect pieces of decor that tie the room together and bring coherence to it while adding warmth, beauty, and an arresting focal point. And while high-quality natural wool rugs can feel like a blow to your wallet, you can be assured they’re well worth the investment as rugs that are made with 100% wool are durable, versatile, and natural. A wool carpet will feel and look way superior to synthetic fiber rugs. This makes wool rugs the perfect choice for people who like to invest in their home decor. At Jaipur Rugs AU, we offer you a stunning variety of wool rugs that come in all budgets and styles, ranging from bohemian and tribal to minimal and abstract.  However, don’t forget to ask the following questions before investing in a natural wool rug: Are they hard to maintain? Do you need to do anything special to take care of them? And most importantly, are wool rugs worth the price? In general, a wool carpet is relatively easy to maintain and if taken care of appropriately, will last you a lifetime, making them a good one-time investment. 

Why invest in wool rugs?

There are more than one, two, or even three reasons why wool rugs are a worthy investment. If you need more evidence, keep reading:

Durability: One of the biggest advantages of wool rugs is that they are incredibly durable. The fibers used in a natural wool rug are strong and can keep their shape for years; they don’t wear out nearly as quickly as synthetic fibers often do. However, this is not to say that you don’t need to take proper care of it once you have placed it in your home. With the appropriate quality and amount of care, these rugs can stay in shape and keep amping up the look of your room for years on.

Sustainability: A wool carpet is an eco-friendly option for sustainable home-owners and decor enthusiasts as wool is a renewable resource that is grown on sheep that are treated humanely and sheared. Its fibers are completely natural and also biodegradable. And while many may not know this, the manufacture of wool rugs also has a greener manufacturing process as it uses only 1/3-1/6 of the energy that is needed to make synthetic carpeting fibers. 

Flame resistant: Another aspect in which wool rugs get a leg up from synthetic fibers is in their natural flame resistance quality. When in contact with fire or heat, wool rugs blacken instead of catching a flame, a big reason why natural wool rugs are preferred in carpeting big buildings.

Natural humidifier: Wool rugs are known to act as a natural humidifier,  meaning that they release humidity when the home is dry and suck it in when it’s too humid. And while it is not a cure-all for humidity problems in your home, it can definitely help alleviate some issues before you install a dehumidifier.

Why choose Jaipur Rugs AU to buy wool rugs in Australia?

Jaipur Rugs AU has an impressive collection of natural wool rugs made from only 100% premium wool that we ethically source from across the country. Then, our weavers in rural India spin and weave it into aesthetically stunning rugs that are then perfected and finished to grace your home no matter where you are in Australia. SO, when buying rugs in Australia, why look any further than Jaipur Rugs? We also offer free home delivery in AU and offer discounts to fit every budget.

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