prayer rugs


prayer rugs

With prayer being one of the most calming and spiritual parts of the routine, the prayer rugs ensure that the space is kept pure and clean. These rugs can be used by people of any religion to make the experience even more comfortable. From traditional patterns to modern rugs, Jaipur Rugs offers a plethora of options in different materials and patterns.

What are Prayer Rugs?

Prayer rugs are fabrics that are used during the time of praying. Be it a Muslim prayer mat or prayer rugs for Christians, these are placed in the worshipping place to ensure cleanliness. A prayer rug Islam is defined by its arch-shaped design and their unparalleled elegance.

Shag rugs can offer a relaxing praying experience and let you undergo the magical praying moment. These are soft and comfortable to sit upon and keep you safe from the cold floors.

Shop the Best Quality Prayer Rugs Online at Jaipur Rugs Australia

Jaipur rugs offer an exquisite range of prayer rugs. From the traditional hand knotted rugs in Silk to woollen rugs, you can explore the vintage motifs or opt for a modern flair in these designs.

Look into the different options with each one promising a long life and added aesthetics. Choose your preferred size and make your praying time even more focused and soothing with the comfort of prayers not only enveloping you but prayer rugs beneath your knees adding to it as well.

Why Choose Jaipur Rugs for Buying Prayer Rugs?

From brown to blue rugs, modern to traditional, Jaipur Rugs has a designer edge to each of the prayer rugs collection. The designs are sure to serve as one of the enticing elements in the room and these can be chosen to match the decor as well.

Look into the Manchaha range for a soft texture in sublime shades. The Zuri collection of prayer rugs can fill colour into the space with their vibrant tones and intricate patterns. The Gulmarg series offered by Jaipur Rugs is composed of beautiful vintage patterns injecting timelessness in the design. Be it plain or lustily patterned, opt for a prayer mat online at Jaipur Rugs for a designer yet functional approach.



What are prayer rugs called?

A Muslim prayer rug is also known as Sajjadat Salat. These fabric pieces are uniquely sized and styled for worshippers.

What size are prayer rugs?

The standard sizes available in prayer rugs start from a primary dimension of 2 ft x 3 ft and can be as big as 5 ft x 8 ft. These sizes available in prayer mats online are comfortable enough to sit and kneel. The smaller sizes can also be used as a travel prayer mat.

How do you wash a prayer rug?

Washing prayer rugs is a simple task that requires you to put them under cool water and clean it with mild laundry soap. Make sure to swish these traditional rugs in soap water to cleanse them properly.

How often should you wash your prayer mat?

A prayer carpet can be washed once a year. Prayer mat Islam is generally used to offer prayers and then rolled to keep it clean and safe. These prayer rugs can, however, be brushed every week to keep the dust away from the mat.

Do Christians use prayer rugs?

Prayer rugs can be used by Christians as well. The basic idea of a prayer carpet is to keep the space organized and clean while offering your prayers to God.

How much does a good prayer rug cost?

The prices of prayer rugs range from AU$ 650 and the finest quality luxury prayer mat can be as costly as AU$ 1,09,710. The higher the prices, the better the finish and quality.



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