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What does bohemian/boho rug mean?

Boho rugs are examples of rugs that are typically characterized by their eclectic style. This includes, but is not limited to patterns, advanced color schemes, and designs, in addition to a variety of textures and thread materials. Bohemian rugs can be associated with the boho lifestyle, which is defined as a free-spirited and artistic approach to interior decorating with boho carpets. Boho area rugs can provide an aura of creativity and excitement, and are often used to add a touch of diversity to a space.

Buy bohemian rugs online in Australia

There are hundreds of boho rugs that you can purchase online in Australia. For example, there is the opportunity to select a jute rugs, round boho rug, large boho rug, boho runner rug, boho nursery rug, boho rug 8x10, black and white boho rug, or even just a plain old black boho rug. As you can see there are plentiful options of boho rugs to browse and select from.

Explore various styles of boho rugs & carpets available at Jaipur Rugs AU


As you may expect, a modern rug is often included in many contemporary homes that have minimalistic looks accompanied by various pieces of abstract art. With the abstract vibe that boho rugs provide, it is sure to add a modern appeal to your space.


Traditional boho rugs can add value to houses that have simple and direct decorating. They derive inspiration from old groups that practice free-spirited ideals. So, there is definitely symbolic representation to be noted throughout the rug.


Transitional boho rugs are designed to connect the dots between traditional and modern styles. These rugs provide classic designs, sophistication, harmony, and balance throughout a room.

Where to place a boho rug?

Living Room

Living room rugs with a bohemian style are perfect focal points for your room. The wild colors and patterns that often come with boho rugs are sure to get the attention of any individual that enters the space.

Dining Room

For a boho rug, if you are placing them in the dining room, you must consider placing them on a wall as a piece of art. The eloquent and artistic nature of these carpets are too bold and compelling to keep hidden underneath a table. Consider exposing them in an open space to deliver energy throughout your room.


Boho rugs in a bedroom are a true vibe for free-spirited and creative individuals. They add an immaculate look to beds, tables, dressers, nightstands, TV stands, and entryways. However you want to integrate a boho rug in the bedroom, it is bound to look well.


A kitchen is also a common place for bohemian rugs to reside. It is metaphorical because the kitchen is where an individual can use their creativity, which is heavily embodied in boho rugs.


A bathroom is a great option for a boho bathroom rug. In nature, bathrooms are typically sterile, so adding a playful and artistic carpet to the space can add spice.


A boho outdoor rug is perfect for the summertime because of its warm and inviting capabilities. This outdoor rug is an eclectic artistic expression often mimicking that of an abstract piece of art.



Are boho rugs fashionable?

Boho rugs are definitely fashionable because they are known for their creative sophistication that gives rise to a number of interpretations by every visitor. They draw attention and give off inspiration in different manners.

What is the color of the Bohemian style?

Thankfully, boho rugs are offered at Jaipur Rugs AU in many colors. You can choose from a small selection of two or three-color combos, one solid color, or many colors integrated into one.

How do you clean boho rugs?

Boho rugs are managed and cleaned in accordance with standard rug cleaning principles. For example, no scrubbing, cleaning up after stains, regularly vacuuming the rug, and contracting a professional local area carpet cleaner on a yearly basis should suffice.



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