unshaped rugs


unshaped rugs

What are irregular shaped rugs?

Irregular shaped rugs are a combination of geometric shapes and abstract designs that come together to form irregular edges. Typically, normally shaped rugs or traditional rugs will have straight edges and four sides. However, irregular rugs are quite different. They possess irregular, jagged edges that result in them being unique shaped rugs.

Such an odd-shaped rug takes on a modern appeal that fits well with contemporary houses that contain minimalistic design principles. Odd shape rugs are not only modern rugs in theory, but they are geometric in nature. These unshaped rugs can often resemble geometric patterns that are frequently echoed in art and in nature. Most of our oddly edged rugs contain neutral and natural tone colors so that they can seamlessly integrate into any room. The use of neutral tones is ideal because the shape of the rug is so irregular that adding vibrant colors to the rug can detract from other decorations in the room.

Explore different types of irregular shaped rugs online at Jaipur Rugs Australia

At Jaipur Rugs, there are hundreds of odd shaped rugs that you can shop at your convenience. There are irregular shaped rugs for sale in a multitude of categories that you can filter in accordance to your needs. Whether you are looking for odd-shaped area rugs, irregular sized rugs that are large or small, or other style rugs such as kilim rugs, then you can browse Jaipur Rugs independently to meet your decorative goals.

The cost of an irregular shaped rug can range from as little as AU$340 to AU$5,810. If you reside in Brisbane, Victoria, Queensland, or another city, search irregular shaped rugs australia to start your search today, place an irregular shaped rugs order, and receive your shipment in a jiffy.



Are irregular shaped rugs fashionable?

Irregular shaped rugs are incredibly fashionable. As alluded to, these odd shaped rugs are best suited for modern, contemporary homes. Houses that take a minimalistic approach to design by using solid, uniform colors and abstract art can greatly benefit from a jagged-edged rug that can keep that same vibe throughout the space.

Where to place irregular shaped rugs?

Since irregular shaped rugs contain geometric patterns that are frequently echoed in nature, they can best be used as an outdoor rug. They work well as a rug that is placed on your patio rather than the front doorstep. Perhaps styling it near a fire pit, between adirondack chairs, or underneath your grill can add a unique appeal to the outdoors.  Most commonly, our customers purchase 5x8 or 8x10 irregular shaped rugs to sizzle up their outdoor style.

How do you clean irregular shaped rugs?

It is recommended to use standard care when it comes to irregular shaped rugs. Meaning, you should not brush or scrub the rug, vacuum it periodically, blot stains with a warm, wet towel, and trim perforated threads. Additionally, it is strongly advised to have a local carpet cleaning service that can professionally clean your rug every year to protect its durability and give it a deep, thorough clean. Especially when placing it outdoors because it is susceptible to many different weather patterns.

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