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red rugs

Confident and bold, red is associated with passion, action and energy, while orange is warm and welcoming. Bright reds and oranges are good for rooms associated with action, and darker shades are grounded and exotic.


Red rugs go beyond just traditional designs 

The colour red is associated with a lot of things, most popularly known- like love, anger, passion, etc. It is also associated with life, health, vigor, courage, among others. But when it comes to home decor, red stands strongly for a luxe, vibrant, and plush vibe and aesthetic to a space that no other colour can bring. There are many different hues and saturations of the colour red that you can choose from. Red is also one of the primary colours in the palette of traditional rugs, which are designed after Persian and Oriental designs. The royal designs fit beautifully with this grand palette, often accompanied by golden, maroon, brown, and the likes. At Jaipur Rugs, however, our reds extend beyond just traditional designs. Our collection of red rugs consist of one-of-a-kind Manchaha rugs designed by our artisans, exquisite designer rugs, as well as low-maintenance dhurries. Basically, you don’t just have to buy an elaborate Oriental rug to beautify your space with a red rug, the options are truly endless. 

How to style red rugs

When you bring home a large red rug or perhaps even a runner rug in red, you will instantly realise that it is super easy to style. If your present colour theme doesn’t support the intense red colour, you can make some tiny tweaks and incorporate your grand red rug easily. At Jaipur Rugs, you can filter your search results based on material, design, and size, so you find only what you’re looking for. 

Look for the secondary colours: The easiest way to make your red rugs feel at home is to examine it for its secondary colours. Nude tones of beige, cream, off white, or blue, green, orange, etc in its pattern. Choose the colours you like the best to use in your decorating scheme to tie the room together. You can opt for a piece of art that has a similar colour palette, tapestry that has one of two of its secondary colours, or hard furnishings that complement the rug’s colour palette. 

Walls and furniture: if you are decorating your room from scratch or redoing your abode with the help of a rug, we suggest you choose a wall color that creates a neutral, balanced background, especially if it’s a large red rug with bold designs. You can even accent a wall by choosing one of the bold colours in the rug and painting one wall in that colour. No matter which you pick, make sure your walls don’t reflect the red of your rug as it takes all the attention away. We also suggest opting for minimalist furniture and using throw pillows that feature other shades of red in their accent designs. 

Centerpiece: If you want the red rug to be the absolute centerpiece in the room, style it accordingly. Place your hard furnishings around the rug so as to highlight and almost frame the rug. You can further beautify the room by hanging gold-framed artwork on the walls, adding a vase full of mild red flowers. Some people also opt for the classic black, white, and red colour-combo for a modern, contemporary look by accessorising the room with black leather sofas, whhite upholstered chairs, black and white walls, etc. 

If you don’t find the red rug of your dreams, you can also get in touch with Jaipur Rugs to either customise an existing design, or design a new rug from scratch. The colours, designs, size, and material will be yours, and the craftsmanship will be our artisans’. 

Why choose Jaipur Rugs to buy red rugs?

Each and every Jaipur Rugs’ creation is a result of the legacy that we have created in the weaving community of India. Our artisans from rural India are highly skilled in the art of rug weaving and make rugs that each tell unique stories. Jaipur Rugs celebrates their innate talent on a global platform, bringing homeowners, design enthusiasts, and interior decorators one-of-a-kind handmade rugs from India. We also provide free home delivery to our clients no matter where you are in AU. So why look any further than Jaipur Rugs when buying multicolour rugs?

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