viscose rugs

Bamboo Silk mimics the look and feel of silk and is considered its cost-effective substitute. It also possesses anti-microbial properties, making the home a healthier place with a cost-effective rug.

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viscose rugs

What are viscose rugs?

Viscose carpet is made from cellulose which is commonly found in bamboo. The viscose rug material, cellulose, is broken down and processed into a blend of other chemicals used to create fibrous content that can be threaded into a rug. Bamboo is sourced and cut down so that its cellulose can be used to create strong fibrous material that is inevitably threaded into a new viscose area rug. By undergoing a rigorous manufacturing process, this natural, yet synthetic fiber is a cost-effective substitute for all-natural silk rugs. It possesses a silky feel and appearance that is comparable to original rugs made of pure silk.

Why are Viscose rugs so popular?

Viscose rugs are incredibly popular because of their silky appeal and cost-effective approach. Like all manufactured items, automatic machines allow for cheaper production of material, thus leading to cheaper prices for the consumer. Since viscose rugs undergo an advanced biochemical manufacturing process in order to be created, they are produced at a cheap cost for those operating within a budget.

Budgeters get the best of both worlds. By purchasing a low-cost quality viscose rug, they also get the feel and appearance of a silk rug that often costs ten times as much.

Why Choose Jaipur Rugs Australia to buy viscose rugs?

Jaipur Rugs Australia is the ideal place to purchase your new wool and viscose rug because of its wide selection. For example, if you are looking for a specific color of viscose rug, we offer grey viscose rugs, pink viscose rugs, blue viscose rugs, black viscose rugs, and green viscose rugs. All different kinds of colors to suit your color theme. In addition to a blue rug and green rugs, you are also offered the option of buying a rug that blends two different materials. A common selection by our consumers is the wool viscose rug. Per the name, it combines wool and viscose material together to create a smooth silky texture.

How to choose the right viscose rugs for your home?

Choosing the right viscose rug is dependent on your decorating needs. For instance, if you are looking for a centerpiece to style your living room, perhaps a round viscose rug can suit your interest. Round rugs are perfect components for providing focus within a room. Additionally, viscose rugs make perfect companions for the bedroom. These bedroom rugs, ideally, are placed in front of the bed to provide depth and act as an accent piece.



Is viscose a good rug material?

Viscose is a relatively durable and quality material made from cellulose found in bamboo. The cellulose is then transformed into strong fibrous strands with other chemicals to add durability.

Are viscose rugs shiny?

Creating viscose rugs produces a shiny appearance because of the cellulose found inside the rug. It is why they are a common substitute for natural rugs made entirely from silk.

How long do viscose rugs last?

Since viscose rugs undergo a deep machine-centric manufacturing process, they are not as durable as hand knotted or handloom rugs. Therefore, they will typically last half as long as handcrafted rugs with an estimated timeframe of 3-6 years depending on their use.

Are viscose rugs hard to clean?

Viscose rugs can be difficult to clean and maintain. Vacuuming it too often or in the wrong manner can cause permanent damage to the pile and fibers. Additionally, they are highly susceptible to permanent stains if food or drink is spilled on top.

How do you clean a viscose rug at home?

Rather than using water, it is best to use an acidic solution with a towel when hand-cleaning a viscose rug. The carpet is very absorbent, so using a small amount of fluid is advised.

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