Covid-19 Safety Measures

Sanitized for your safety

sanitizing stations

Multiple sanitizing stations at all our facilities for employees and visitors

timely cleaning

Frequent and timely cleaning of all common touch points like door handles and surfaces

Temperature checks and mandatory sanitizing

Temperature checks and mandatory sanitizing for all entering our facilities

Social distance for unity

workforce at offices and factories

Reduced workforce at offices and factories while maintaining 2 metres of distance between work stations

Partial work from home

Partial work from home for staff, use of online meetings


Weaving the rugs are done in the homes of the weavers, work from home from day one

Hygienic packaging for your trust

masks and gloves

Precautions for safe packaging by staff using masks and gloves

frequently sanitized

Packaging and packaging areas and trucks are frequently sanitized

 minimum possibility of hand contact

One piece packaging for minimum possibility of hand contact. Two layers of polybag are used, outer one should be removed outside the home

 Specific staff assigned

Specific staff assigned for packing and are monitored

Precautions For A Better World

guidelines and are trained

All staff are issued strict guidelines and are trained and monitored

Jaipur Rugs is constantly

Jaipur Rugs is constantly adapting to guidelines and recommendations given by the govt and the WHO

The Jaipur Rugs business model has always been work from home for our weavers and has been immune to the spread of Covid-19. All work centres are in places with no case record and we have taken all the necessary precautions to continue ensuring the safety, trust and care of all of our customers.

Jaipur rugs

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