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black rugs


Why opt for black rugs?

There is no denying that rugs make for one of the most eye-catching soft furnishings in any room or space. You can transform the appearance of any room with the help. And as far as aesthetics go, black carpets are one of the edgiest options to go for. Black is not an easy color to decorate with when it comes to soft furnishings, but the results of experimenting with it are seldom unsatisfactory. While opting for black is definitely not the first choice for most, how it eventually turns out to look in your home can surprise you, and how! Given that black is such an intense colour, keeping a few things in mind, like their material and texture, can be key in acing your home decor with black carpets. A shaggy bedroom carpet in black might just be the lift-up the room needs, or a textured black area rug for your living room can be the center of attention you have been looking to add in your room. No matter what the case, Jaipur Rugs has a variety of different black rugs in stock in varying colours, styles, patterns, designs, and sizes which will definitely make you want to consider giving the colour black a try in your soft furnishings. From designer rugs to flatweave ones for a more affordable option, at Jaipur Rugs, you will find it all.

How to style black rugs?

If you are looking for black rugs in Australia as well as foolproof ways of styling them, look no more for we have both in store for you. Black is timeless, elegant, yet bold and definitely very beautiful. When styling black carpets, keep in mind the following things to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing results:

  1. You can opt for a large black carpet that will cover both your dining as well as your living area. It will make for an easier segue into black rugs than a centerpiece one. 
  2. On the contrary, if you are ready to make the plunge, we say you go for a black textured rug for your living room, and build the other elements from there. Let your stunning black rug be the foundation of your room decor. 
  3. You can either take the black-white-grey route when it comes to the colour scheme of the room, or you can play with dark and light colourations. For example, a beige couch, tan-coloured ottomans and chairs, matte-copper accents on the furnishings, and a neutral tan colour for the walls can be surprisingly good company for a black rug.
  4. Lastly, if you do take the dark-tones-only route, why not add steel and metallic accents to introduce that sense of glam and surprise to your room? If you want an entirely matte effect to everything, we say you opt for flat woven handloom black rugs from jaipur Rugs to complement the theme perfectly. 

Why choose Jaipur Rugs to buy black rugs?

Not only are we at Jaipur Rugs ahead of industry trends when it comes to rugs and carpets, we are also known worldwide for the quality of rugs our hard working and highly skilled artisans knot in India. Our motto at Jaipur Rugs is not to sell you rugs, but a family’s blessing, so you can bring home a set of stories woven by the weavers as you also support their livelihood and sustenance. These artisans are truly the vanguards of the art of hand-knotting rugs, and Jaipur Rugs acts as the platform to showcase their talent to the world. To that end, we offer you services that will make your online shopping experience with us absolutely seamless and unforgettable. We also do free home delivery of our rugs across Australia, and provide post-purchase rug care tips, as and when you should need them.

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