black rugs

When you’re styling your spaces, you're likely to have some style in mind — and if there's one thing black rugs can do, it's to help your rooms go from drab to fab. The best part? You can find black carpets in different styles and textures. Black outdoor rugs are soft on the feet yet durable enough to hold up well in high-traffic areas. You can style bedroom carpets to infuse texture into your haven. Black and white carpets are ideal for the living room for some classic punch. While natural rugs in black tones might be more expensive, choosing these types of rugs is an investment that will last decades. Explore our diverse collection of black rugs featuring everything from black shag rugs to black runners to black & white outdoor rugs & a lot more.

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black rugs

Don't settle for a boring and typical-looking color when you could have black rugs in your home.  A black carpet will certainly fit in well and make everything look amazing while being able to create unique and stylish decorations a lot easier than it would with some other options.

Unfold an exhaustive range of black rugs online at Jaipur Rugs Australia

Explore the diverse selection of black runners and carpets available online to find the perfect one for your house. You can browse simple area rugs at Jaipur Rugs, but they also provide a jazzing-up touch for each room. The vast selection of black and white rugs and carpets will undoubtedly complement your style, whether they are used as bedroom rugs or hallway runners.

Their designs are unparalleled in appeal, whether they are classic hand-tufted natural rugs or contemporary black shag rugs, and the premium quality ensures endurance. You can browse a variety of styles and patterns that work well with any design language in the assortment of rugs and carpets. Choose your favorite designs, and textures to add these stunning handmade carpets to your interior.

Check out the most popular materials of black rugs available at Jaipur Rugs


Black wool rugs are one of the best decorating investments you can make. Not only do they retain their color and look great, but they are also warm and natural to the touch. Black wool rugs can be easily coordinated with different styles of decor, unlike other colors of rugs which often clash with high-end decors. Black and red rugs together also look uber luxurious. Among rugs and mats made of natural materials, jute mats, in addition to wool, are highly popular.


No one wants to walk into a room and have their eyes assaulted by all the different colors floating around. Black silk rugs are fabulous because they contrast with your light or white decor so well, making it easier on the eyes when you enter an intense environment where everything is out of balance. The prayer mat is quite favored under the category.


Black cotton rugs are the most common and best pick for styling your home. Black is one of the few colors that is considered to be a neutral color. Most living spaces, bedrooms, and kitchens have different types of wood or other materials on their floors. The use of black as a rug or flooring in these rooms helps pull together the design theme. Black and white outdoor rugs are also popular under the category.


Black viscose rugs are excellent for any type of home decorating theme, whether it's contemporary or traditional. They come in many different sizes and shapes, including rectangular, round, and oval. With such a wide variety available, you're able to find the perfect rug which will complete your décor. Black and white carpets made of viscose are ideal to bring depth and texture to your living area.

Decorate your interior with the best black carpets

It is time to get started and have a look at the different advantages you will get from a black carpet. By using a black outdoor rug, you can make the entrance warmer and more welcoming besides creating a stylish, modern, and cozy atmosphere in your home that you are sure to enjoy.  Black color has an almost magical effect on the human brain. The softness of this color creates a feeling of rest, relaxation, and comfort that is certainly worth experiencing. This doesn't mean that any other color couldn't be equally as good in this case but there is something about black that makes it the best choice for creating such an atmosphere. On top of this, black carpets are the most versatile of all. It is easy to combine a black carpet with other colors and can be used in many different scenarios.

Why choose Jaipur Rugs for buying black rugs

The greatest quality and incomparable patterns are promised for the rugs sold by Jaipur Rugs. We are recognized as the first makers of Indian rugs, and through our designs, we have spread India's rich cultural heritage to other parts of the globe. Along with weaving these patterns, we also put a lot of effort into knitting together the lives of the craftspeople into a solid community. We go out to talented craftspeople in rural India and allow them to earn a living by using their real knitting expertise. There is a vast selection of designer carpets available online, ranging from classic to modern styles. Moreover, you can also get customized rugs. Buy black rugs, and let the rooms radiate a sense of elegance and class. Find the finest offers with easy online purchasing when you browse rugs.



Is a black carpet a good idea?

Black-colored rugs have been shown to have calming effects for some people, which could prove useful when working on an assignment or just relaxing with some TV. A study found that in various different types of spaces, black was considered to be the color scheme seen more than any other color scheme and ranked higher than white as a preferred design choice.

Do black rugs show dirt?

Black carpets offer a great option for houses with heavy traffic and activity that want to conceal stains and spills, even though accumulated dirt and debris are quite obvious to see in them.

How much does a good quality black rug cost?

The quality of carpets is influenced by several different things. They include the rug's weaving method, material, size, and pattern, among others. You may purchase these carpets from Jaipur Rugs in a variety of price levels to suit your needs. It is available to shop for as low as AU$ 240 to as high as AU$ 1,18,540.

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