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natural rugs

Earthy colours and rich textures, these fibres are built to last and are best for the indoor-outdoor transition. The patterns and designs are a display of creative styles of weaving that can drastically change the look.


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Why Opt for Natural Fiber Rugs?

Want to make a conscious choice when it comes to your home decor? Nowadays, with sustainability being a lifestyle, you will find multiple options that don’t require you to limit your options. So why make a compromise when buying your rug? Natural fiber rugs are the best option you can go for when buying responsibly. From sisal to jute rugs and bamboo silk rugs ones, a natural rug will add earthiness, sophistication, and warmth to your home. Since these rugs can be styled very easily, thanks to their versatility, you can give your home a makeover as and when you feel without dashing out big bucks or even making a lot of effort, no matter what your decor theme is. Natural fiber rugs are also the perfect choice for when you want to layer your rugs and create interesting volume and dimension in your room. They are durable, made sustainably, and last for a long.

Pick from Jaipur Rugs’ collection of Natural Fiber rugs

If you are worried that opting to buy a natural rug will limit your option when it comes to aesthetics and utility, then you must browse through Jaipur Rugs’ AU collection of natural fibers rugs which are sure to steal the show in your home decor. From Art Deco to Bohemian to Coastal, we have multiple styles along with a spectrum of color palettes for everyone. You will also find shapes other than just rectangular ones. If you wish to bring home a hemp rug, Jaipur Rugs AU also has a wide variety of options for you. Be it shaggy rugs, a flat-weave rugs, or a hand-knotted rug, these require much less maintenance and are one of the best budget-friendly options when it comes to rugs. When you buy Indian rugs online, check out these super cool modern rugs that will be perfect for your urban, traditional, or even bohemian home.

Why buy a Natural rug from Jaipur Rugs?

When buying Indian rugs online, why go anywhere other than Jaipur Rugs Australia? We are not your ordinary carpet-manufacturing company. What we offer you is a family’s blessing, all the way from rural India, in the form of a piece of art. Our wide network of over 40000 artisans spread across 600 villages expertise in this age-old craft of rug-weaving, bringing you the best of Indian craftsmanship.

Jaipur Rugs offers free home delivery in all states of Australia and we also offer discounts to fit every budget.

Rugs Price
pdjt-318 blue flat weaves Rugs AU$ 550
gi-07 pink and purple flat weaves Rugs AU$ 610
px-2108 flat weaves Rugs AU$ 610
gi-07 blue flat weaves Rugs AU$ 290
pdjr-01 beige and brown flat weaves Rugs AU$ 600
gi-07 green flat weaves Rugs AU$ 290
pdjr-01 beige and brown flat weaves Rugs AU$ 600
pdjr-01 grey and black flat weaves Rugs AU$ 230
gi-07 beige and brown flat weaves Rugs AU$ 290
sdjt-295 multi flat weaves Rugs AU$ 370
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