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oversized rugs


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Oversize rugs are the perfect addition to your big living room

Size is one of the most important aspects of selecting a rug for your living room, and when it comes to a large living room or an open space concept house, only oversize rugs will do. If a rug has a length and width that is over 10 feet, then that is considered an oversize rug. Think of them as adding a similar amount of charm and grace as a big painting would to your living room. It helps create a beautiful and arresting focal point to the big room around which you can build the rest of the decor up. If you have a big space that is in need of some TLC, we recommend oversize rugs for the living room to add style, color, texture, and dimension to the space. And at Jaipur Rugs AU, we have on offer artistic oversize rugs that are no less than artworks for your floor. If you are looking to layer the oversize rug with smaller ones, we also have solid-colored oversize rugs that offer the perfect canvas for showcasing your styling prowess. 

How to style oversize rugs

If you are confused as to how to make a big, beautiful rug look at home in your big, beautiful living room or bedroom, we have the styling tips that will make styling oversize rugs a cakewalk for you! 

Always remember to frame your beautiful rugs with some space as this will help to highlight the rug even more. For example, if your room is 20 feet long and 20 feet wide, don’t opt for a wall-to-wall oversize rug. Instead, leave at least 8-10 inches of space between the edge of the rug and the wall. This is called creating a space frame around the rug for making it stand out. It prevents it from rubbing against the wall and also makes the room balanced in terms of space. 

If you are styling your oversize rug in the bedroom, place it either partially or completely under the bed with just its edges sticking out from underneath. This way, your floors won’t have to hit the cold floor in the morning, and the rug will also be sufficiently visible. You can also place an oversize rug in a solid color under the bed and then layer it with rugs in more striking colors and patterns. You can place shag rugs for ultimate comfort or round rugs for adding dimension to the room.

For styling an oversize rug for the living room, place all your furniture on the top which will help you create a unified look for the space. This will make your living room look super cozy and inviting.  But remember to move your furniture around every six months to prevent too much wear in a single spot on the rug. You can also use smaller rugs for your floating furniture to demarcate space and add some volume, pattern, and overall charm to your big living room.

Why choose Jaipur Rugs to buy oversize rugs

Jaipur Rugs prides itself in offering some of the most diverse and wide varieties of style and design when it comes to rugs and carpets online. From high-end silk and wool oriental rugs to more budget-friendly natural rugs, you will find something for every taste, in every price range. You may have gone from one carpet store to the other looking for that specific design in a specific color you have in mind but found none that suit your style. This is where Jaipur Rugs and our wide collection of styles, designs, sizes, and colors come into play as there is something in store for every kind of home across the world. We deliver your rug safely to your doorstep, no matter where you are in Australia, Sydney or Brisbane, Perth, or Canberra. Jaipur Rugs Australia offers insured and free shipping worldwide.

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