oversized rugs


oversized rugs

Oversize rugs are the perfect addition to your big living room

Oversized rugs are a one-of-a-kind solution for any large space in your home. Its drastically large size provides a unique distribution network throughout your room and can add a new element of layering and decorating. Large rugs are not commonly used, but can sure pack a punch when used as oversized rugs for the living room. Oversized area rugs may be something you and your family should consider for their next stylistic purchase when undergoing the redecorating process.

Buy oversized rugs online at Jaipur Rugs Australia

In Australia, the Jaipur Rugs store offers hundreds of oversized rugs or carpets online for your everyday needs. Our rugs for sale include a plethora of large scale rugs that are bound to transform your three-dimensional space into something spectacular. We offer our clients an oversized jute rug, shag rug, grey rugs, oversized runner, oversized runner rug, and many other rugs for sale. Aside from these examples, our site offers many other oversize rugs for sale which you can filter by your color, style, pattern, or material preferences.

Explore different styles of oversized rugs       


Modern oversized rugs are a key element to any style of contemporary home today. The urban feel that oversized rugs add to minimalistic designs is a key aspect of creating a wholeheartedly sleek space. Incorporate these massive carpets with your urban home today and watch it transcend to a premier setting.


The traditional oversized rugs that we offer have been around for centuries. With traditional rugs being the original oriental rug that was first created, the oversized rug was also part of that collection. It contains sets of cultural patterns and washed-out colors to craft its elegant design.


From modern to traditional style oversized rugs, transitional styles take over a new common element that distinctly combines the two themes. Transitional oversized rugs combine lots of opposite pairing ideas together to form one rug. They combine vibrant and dull colors, symmetrical and asymmetrical patterns, and much more.



What size is an oversized rug?

Oversized rugs 12x18 are what is classified as oversized rugs based on feet size.

What kind of rug makes space look bigger?

Oversized rugs are the ideal rug for those searching to add the illusion of a space that looks bigger and spacious. It is important that you measure your room prior to placing an oversized rug to ensure that it doesn’t touch any walls, otherwise you may be better off replacing your carpet entirely!

Where to place an oversized rug?

An oversized rug is best used as oversized outdoor rugs or oversized living room rugs. Either of these locations can truly add a distinct element of design to the area. Placing an oversized rug outside will allow it to not get swapped by the many elements found in nature. Additionally, an oversized living room rug can add size to the room while integrating nicely with multiple pieces of furniture and other decorating pieces.



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