oriental rugs


oriental rugs

One of the rug designs that have never gone out of style is the oriental rug. Their colorful patterns, durable composition, and grand scale exude a sense of luxury when added to any room.

A red oriental rug is amongst the most versatile designs that not only blend well in traditional architecture but suit modern aesthetics as well. Let’s look into a sea of options available in oriental rugs for sale.

What are Oriental Rugs, and What Makes them so Unique?

Oriental rugs follow designs authentic to the Oriental countries. These are often composed of thick fabrics and the surface is full of rich patterns in bold hues. One of the features making an oriental carpet unique and functional is its usage in high-traffic areas.

These can be added to the main space and their intricate patterns won’t ever make them look dirty. These oriental rugs excellently camouflage spots and stains. The ease of oriental rug cleaning further makes it one of the popular picks by homeowners.

Explore Different Varieties of Oriental Rugs Available at Jaipur Rugs India

Let’s look into the different options of oriental rugs for sale offered by Jaipur Rugs.

Modern Rugs

A subtle blue oriental rug can inject into the space a modern flair. Explore the Far East, Revolution, and Anatolia range of oriental rugs that boost the designer essence in the space with their charming patterns.

Traditional Rugs

Black rugs bring to a space a bold touch that is excellently balanced by traditional patterns. The Mythos range of oriental rugs amps up the aesthetics with their graceful designs. While the Kilan range is all about a blend of nature and culture.


Cyanna, Someplace in Time, and the Hacienda collection offer the finest collection of oriental rugs. From a soothing pink oriental rug in the Cyanna range to mildly patterned floral designs of the Hacienda collection, each design adds excitement to the room.

Why Buy Oriental Carpets from Jaipur Rugs?

Ranging from the typical red oriental rug to modern greys, Jaipur Rugs offer a plethora of options to choose from. The flamboyant patterns of oriental rugs curated in the finest materials can amp up the warmth and aesthetics of the room.

These tufted rugs bring to the room a sense of timelessness and exhibit fine craftsmanship with their detailed patterns. Jaipur Rugs is one of the most trusted brands for oriental rugs owing to the premium quality and endless choices they offer. From natural rugs to delicate silk carpets, you can pick your favorite materials and the most enticing designs.



Are Oriental rugs fashionable?

An oriental carpet is still the top choice for most designers and homeowners. The intricacy of design and beautiful patterns have made these oriental rugs to be trendy even today.

What is the difference between Oriental and Persian rugs?

While Persian rugs are designs curated from the traditional inspiration of Iran, Oriental rugs can be made in any part of Adia or the Middle East.

Why are Oriental rugs so expensive?

Oriental rugs can be extremely expensive but worth their price. The lustily intricate designs lend a designer flair to the space. An oriental wool rug promises premium quality as well.

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