size 60x90 cm rugs


size 60x90 cm rugs

Shop for 60X90 rugs online in Australia

Are you searching endlessly for that next accent rug to add flavor to your redecorated room? Well, you came to the right place. Jaipur Rugs Australia carries the finest 2x3 rugs in the world because they are handcrafted by well respected artisans that are masters of their craft. The incredible selection of small rugs we offer can serve perfectly with any bathroom, kitchen, doorstep, or hallway in your home. Go to our website and search 60x90 rug right now to find the greatest deals on various types of rugs. We also offer super fast shipping that rivals our competition like no other.

Explore various styles of 60X90 rugs & carpets available at Jaipur Rugs Australia


It is quite possible that you reside in a modern home. Modern 60x90 carpet is a perfect selection for this style of house because it adds minimalistic appeal to each and every room. Its uniformity and complex medallion patterns gives it enough artistic value to utilize these rugs anywhere. If you are living in contemporary inspired home somewhere in the world, a simple 60x90 rug can look lavish in your next decorating campaign.


If modern rugs aren’t your thing, then filter your search by traditional style rugs. For homes with an antiquated appearance and have yet to be renovated, 2x3 ft carpet with an oriental motif is perfect. They encapsulate elegant designs that are symmetrical, geometric, and could possibly contain symbols that represent ancient language. The most common colors oriental rugs use in their designs are blue, red, maroon, and beige.


For small rugs and round rugs that are 60x90cm carpet, transitional styles melt traditional and modern artistic principles into one. These small rugs that conjoin multiple rug styles couple nicely with indoor and outdoor transitions. Consider placing your next 60x90 rug at your front door, garage doorstep, or patio sliding doors. 



What are standard rug sizes Australia?

At our AU store, the following are our standard rug sizes from large to small: 10x14, 9x12, 8x10, 6x9, 5x8, 5x6, 3,5, and 2x3. These dimensions are measured in feet.

What is the smallest carpet size?

The smallest carpet size that we offer is 2x3 ft or a 60x90 rug.

What size is a 2x3 ft rug?

A 2x3 ft rug is equivalent to a 60x90 cm rug when converted to metric units. When compared to another piece of furniture, it looks relatively the same size as a doormat or width and length of a recliner.

Is it better for a rug to be too big or too small?

Quite honestly, it is better for a rug to be too small because it can be moved to any corner of the room and provides a lot of flexibility. An  oversized rug can leave your room looking like you just got a poor carpet removal and installation. Not only that, but oversized rugs do not typically fit standard sized living rooms and bedrooms today. Consider purchasing shags rugs that are a 60x90 rug for a smaller version that is easily manipulated.


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