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blue rugs

Calming and gentle, blue is a favorite for its subtle, soothing effect. Bright blues are more electric and stimulating while light blues are pensive and insightful.


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Why should you opt for a blue rug?

One of the most calming, soothing, warm, and welcoming colors that you will find out there is blue. Its very many shades, hues, and saturation makes it a super versatile color, and also super easy to style when it comes to home decor. If you, like many other people, are a lover of blue, we have a stunning selection of blue rugs for you, from traditional rugs to transitional rugs, and modern carpets to solid carpets style. No matter what your style or existing decor theme is, no matter if it is a residential or commercial space, you are sure to find blue rugs that are just apt for your space.

How to style blue rugs?

There is an infinite number of ways in which you can style a blue rug, depending on the decor theme of your room, the rug style, size, texture, etc. Here are a few tips that will make the process easier for you:

Go neutral

If the blue in your rug is a particularly bold one, say, if it is an overdyed blue rug, you can balance the contrast out by keeping the rest of the room neutral. Whites, creams, beiges, grays, tans, work well as wall colors and they also reflect light really, which will make your room look even bigger. If you have blue Persian rugs that demand all the attention, keeping the rest of the room neutral will help anchor the room together.

How about monochrome? 

Given its cool undertones, blue is a soothing color that adds calming energy to your space. So, if you want, and if you are a true blue lover, you can go for a monochromatic color scheme in the room by choosing different shades of blue. If your rug is a light blue with accents of darker blue, go with a different light blue shade for the walls, and for other soft furnishings in the rooms, opt for a darker shade of blue. You can also incorporate ivory and white accents if you don’t want to go all blue. But you can be assured that this will create a highly glamorous and sophisticated look that you will love. 

Bring the coast to your home

Your blue carpet can be the starting point to a stunning beach-inspired decor in your living, bed, or dining room. With crisp white walls, soft yellow accents in curtains, bedding or pillows, and blue and white striped rugs for that impeccable nautical vibe. You may also want to go all the way and add a nautical stripe sofa or bedspread. Opt for natural fibers like jute rugs and seagrass rugs to add a more earthy feel. 

Go bold

If you have a blue Persian rug, blue overdyed rugs, or even blue designer rugs, and want to create a no-holds-barred contrast in your room, opt for striking hues like orange, the opposite of blue on the color wheel, in your soft furnishings. You can also peach against light blue and terra cotta or tangerine against darker or brighter shades of blue. Remember to keep the rest of the color palette balanced and simple with neutral accents of tan, brown, and white.

Why choose Jaipur Rugs to buy blue rugs

Each and every Jaipur Rugs’ AU creation is a result of the legacy that we have created in the weaving community of India. Our artisans from rural India are highly skilled in the art of rug weaving and make rugs that each tell unique stories. Merge that with high-end technicality and precision in construction and finishing of our rugs, and you have the foundation of what we do at Jaipur Rugs. We also pride ourselves in providing easy-to-access services like free home delivery across Australia, special discounts, etc. so that anybody and everybody in Australia can bring home a Jaipur Rugs’ creation.

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