handloom rugs

This method is easiest for monotone rugs and gives it a printed finish. Handloom rugs are crafted in 2 months and last 10-12 years. They are highly versatile when it comes to piles and textures.

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handloom rugs

What is a hand-loomed rug?

Hand-loom rugs are monotone traditional rugs built with looms by hand. Looms are hand-operated mechanical devices that have been used to weave cloth and tapestry for hundreds of years. Using a loom, our professional and experienced artisans can precisely interweave threads together to create intricate designs for our customers.

How are handloom rugs made?

Our experienced weavers can choose from various hand-loomed devices such as pit looms, stand looms, and frame looms to thread cloth together. After choosing an appropriate loom, threads are passed through a heddle, allowing the threads to be raised and lowered by a shaft controlled by our craftsmen. The shaft enables the threads to cross over each other and tie together to create an elegant masterpiece called a handloom carpet. These carpets are highly versatile in regard to piles and textures. They can take up to 2 months to develop because of their delicacy and complexity.

Buy handloom rugs online at Jaipur Rugs Australia

You can buy carpets online at our Jaipur Rugs Australia website. We offer a variety of handloom rugs online for our worldwide customers looking to purchase new handloom carpets for their homes. Browse our selection of hand-loomed wool carpets, cotton handloom carpets, and more to start searching for the perfect stylistic rug for your new space.

Whether you are looking for living room rugs, bedroom rugs, or another space, our diverse selection of hand-loom carpets, built by experienced artisans, is designed specifically for your decorative goals.



How long do hand-loomed rugs last?

Handloom carpets can last for years. On average, they last 10-12 years. Their pile and texture versatility allow for their increased durability and resistance to damage over time. You can expect these carpets to last longer than 12 years if you properly trim loose threads, clean them regularly, and contract a professional cleaning service to wash them every year.

How can you tell if a carpet is hand-loomed?

There is a distinct way to tell if your carpet is hand-loomed after purchase. Usually, handloom rugs will present with knotted threads that are slightly uneven and not always exact. This reflects the hand-operated approach used to create these carpets. Unlike machines that produce symmetrical and even knots throughout their rugs, handloom rugs offer a personable and authentic style to include in your home.

Do hand-loomed rugs shed?

Handloom rugs do not and should not shed. These carpets are made by hand and with high-quality materials. Machine-made rugs, or rather hand-tufted rugs, are prone to shedding more because of their destructive manufacturing process. Although, like any rug, handloom rugs are prone to loose threads. It is important to cut the threads at the knot and avoid pulling them. Pulling loose threads in your handcrafted rug can result in more loose threads and, thus, damage to your new carpets.

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