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flatweave rugs

In essence, a flatweave is a thick cloth. They are mobile, durable and cost-friendly with a large range of weaving patterns, designs and colors. Extremely versatile, it can be used both indoor and outdoor and is even an easy travel partner.

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flatweave rugs

What is a flatweave rug?

Flatweave carpet is merely a thick cloth that is mobile, durable, and cost-friendly. It is created by using a loom instead of being knotted. This results in the rug having minimal pile and instead having warp thread pairs, even with a wool flatweave rug. Flatweave area rugs are popular around the world because of their wide range of weaving patterns, designs, and colors. Similar to viscose and flatweave areas, rugs are considered a cost-effective solution for homeowners operating on a budget.

Buy the best flatweave rugs online at Jaipur Rugs Australia

When searching for our premier flat woven carpets online, you will notice that our selection is diverse and dense with options. You can select from a wide variety of options, such as flatweave wool rugs, cotton flatweave rugs, grey flatweave rugs, flatweave runners, and even a flatweave stair runner.

Not only are there tons of flatweave rug options online, but we also carry other rugs if you are looking for something a little different. Browse oriental rugs, jute carpets, general cotton rugs, and floral rugs if you are looking for extra spice.

Why choose flatweave rugs to decorate your home?

Wide range in style

Choose a modern, traditional, or transitional flatweave rug for your next space. Within each style are dozens of rug designs composed of neutral tones and contemporary hues that can add character to your room.

Easily mobile

An added benefit of flatweave carpets is their flexibility. You can easily roll the rug up or fold it and move it to another room if you feel it looks better elsewhere. There is no need to purchase an additional rug, as flatweave rugs can easily be moved from room to room.

Lighter on the pocket

When rolling up your flatweave rug, you won’t need a team of two to move it. These carpets are so light that you only need to carry them to their next place.

Easier to clean

Not only is there a cost benefit to purchasing flatweave carpets, but there is also a cleaning benefit. These rugs are simple to clean. They require a monthly vacuum to prevent dirt from accumulating, and they are brand new again. There is no need for special cleaning chemicals or getting your hands dirty when cleaning it.

Why choose Jaipur Rugs Australia to buy flatweave rugs?

Flatweave rugs are handmade, which means they come from our well-seasoned group of artisans. These craftsmen have decades of experience creating and curating the finest rugs all over the world. This means that you are purchasing top-quality flatweave rugs from Jaipur Rugs Australia. Your money is being put to good use when you purchase a rug online because it is sourced from high-quality material and built by professionals, not machines.



Are Flatweave rugs good?

Flatweave rugs are top-tier rugs. They are extremely versatile, an easy travel partner, and durable for a lifetime.

Where to Place Flatweave Rugs?

Placing flatweave rugs in a hallway or the living room is ideal. As a runner, they fit the motif of a hallway and can add a simple, lightweight appeal to the room. Since these rugs are versatile, you may place them outdoors on your newly built patio to take them to the next level.

How do you clean a Flatweave rug?

Standard rug care is appropriate for a flatweave rug. You must vacuum it periodically, blot stains with warm water and a towel, trim loose thread at the base, and consult a professional carpet cleaning service yearly to clean it thoroughly.

Do Flatweave rugs shed?

No, flatweave rugs do not shed because they are handmade.

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