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yellow rugs

Bright and cheerful, yellow is the optimist’s color of choice for its bold and sunny effect. It is a naturally energizing color, especially in its brighter forms. Rich yellows are more nurturing than stimulating.


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Why buy yellow rugs from Jaipur Rugs?

The color yellow has long been associated with optimism, energy, joy, and happiness. It’s fresh, summery, and offers visual respite to the eyes when added to your decor. It adds vibrancy, warmth, and even contrast to your space if styled well, and with yellow rugs in abundance at Jaipur Rugs AU, you will be spoilt for choice. After all, nothing beats the brilliant bright, and cheery look that adding a yellow carpet brings to the room. When looking for ways to style yellow rugs, you will be surprised at their versatility, especially if mustard or golden rug is constructed with dark or neutral-colored decor elements in your room. Besides adding a pop of color to an otherwise dull room, a large yellow rug can act as a great focal point too. At Jaipur Rugs, we have a selection of yellow rugs that runs the gamut of solid-colored rugs to exquisite Manchaha rugs designed by our artisans themselves. From shaggy carpets to flatweave rugs, hand-knotted carpets to handloom rugs, there is no variety you can’t find. 

How to style yellow rugs

If styling restrictions have kept you away from bringing your favorite-colored rug home, we have the solutions for you. As we mentioned before, styling a yellow rug is easy because of its versatility, and we will show you how:

Moroccan rugs: While Moroccan-style trellis rugs are a popular trend, adding them to your home in yellow adds some more light and brightness to your space. They add geometry, pattern, and a bohemian vibe to your home, and are perfect if you are only starting to experiment with yellow rugs in your decor. 

Round rugs: A round rugs is always a nice addition to any space, and when bought in a bright yellow or golden hue, it can add immense cheer and joy to your home. It looks sunny and works great for small dining as well as living areas. You can also look for sphere-shaped yellow rugs or get a rug customized by Jaipur Rugs in the size and shape of your choice. 

Abstract designs: If you want a lot of creative freedom when it comes to adding a large yellow rug to your bedroom or living room and want to experiment with patterns, we suggest you try abstract designs. They look modern rugs, edgy, and at Jaipur Rugs, come in a variety that lets you choose everything from geometric patterns to swirls or zig-zag patterns. These also work great in a nursery or a kids’ room. 

Antique rugs: If you are going for that aged, antique look of traditional rugs, we suggest you bring home a large yellow rug with an abrash effect to make it the centerpiece of your house. They look regal and add a focal to the space right away. 

Solid rugs: if you are not yet ready to experiment with designs and patterns on color as bright as yellow, we suggest opting for a solid rug, to begin with, and then warm yourself up to complicated designs and patterns. 

Why choose Jaipur Rugs to buy yellow rugs

Not only are we at Jaipur Rugs ahead of industry trends when it comes to rugs and carpets, but we are also known worldwide for the quality of rugs our hard-working and highly skilled artisans knot in India. Our motto at Jaipur Rugs AU is not to sell you rugs, but a family’s blessing, so you can bring home a set of stories woven by the weavers as you also support their livelihood and sustenance. Jaipur Rugs acts as a platform to highlight their talent and hard work and present it on a global platform so that you, no matter where you are in the world, can bring home a rug handmade with love from India by the vanguards of the art of rug weaving. To help showcase their talent to the world, we provide services that make your purchases from us seamless and hassle-free by providing all-around assistance from our rug experts, providing discounts as well as free home delivery all across AU, and even post-purchase rug maintenance guidance.

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