yellow rugs

Bright and cheerful, yellow is the optimist’s color of choice for its bold and sunny effect. It is a naturally energizing color, especially in its brighter forms. Rich yellows are more nurturing than stimulating.

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yellow rugs

There’s no other colour matching the charm and freshness of yellow. While incorporating yellow into the primary design elements might be challenging, yellow rugs can do the job efficiently. A simple addition of a yellow area rug adds positivity to the entire room.

Yellow rugs can instantly brighten up the entire room and introduce an unparalleled designer edge to the entire space. From yellow cotton rugs to a fluffy shag carpet. Explore the variety of yellow rugs online offering the best material and vibrant tones for your home.

Shop the Best Yellow Rugs Online

Whether it’s a red rug or a mustard rug, colours can sprinkle unmatched magic into the room. The accents of yellow can smoothly jazz up the look of the room without being heavy on the eyes. Opt for the best range of yellow rugs offered by Jaipur Rugs.

While the interiors get splashed with bright tones, a yellow outdoor rug extends the modern design language to the exteriors of the house. A simple round yellow rug can be one of the best picks to add a level of sophistication to the house. Explore the best yellow rugs online that promise to accentuate the visual appeal of the entire room.

Explore Our Latest Collection of Yellow Rugs at Jaipur Rugs Australia

Jaipur Rugs can prove to be your one-stop shop for premium-quality rugs. Whether you’re looking for functional bathroom rugs or your living room, the collection of yellow rugs is sure to bring an optimistic effect to the entire space.

While the simple mustard rug offered in the Yasmin series gives the room a fashionable look with fading patterns, the yellow rugs collection in Jaipur Wunderkammer is a play of geometry inspired by local traditions. A yellow carpet isn’t only useful for living spaces but an apt choice for bedrooms as well. An addition of a grey and yellow rug to the room can impart a soothing vibe and make the space even more comfortable.

How to Style Yellow Rugs

Let’s look into different ways to style with a yellow area rug.

Moroccan Rugs

If your design sensibilities go for Moroccan yellow rugs, make sure that these are added in contrast to the dark furnishing items. The visually striking feature can be added to a living space or bedroom. It can either go with dark brown furniture or stay on minimalist principles when paired with white.

Round Rugs

A round yellow rug can be added to a space for a softer look. These yellow rugs can make the space look lighter. Adding a round yellow rug to the kitchen can even make it look more spacious.

Abstract Designs

An abstract design is best achieved with a grey and yellow rug. Feature the design in your living room to amp up the aesthetics while maintaining coziness. You can go over the top with abstract shapes in these yellow rugs making the room exude a sense of luxury.

Antique Rugs

Kilim rugs and other antique carpets add timelessness to the entire design. Consider adding the gilt motifs and intricate patterns to your living room for a nostalgic touch that also maintains an overall artistic effect in the room.

Solid Rugs

Add solid yellow rugs to your kid’s room for vibrancy in the design. The playful tone of a yellow area rug makes the room look more cheerful. Yellow rugs can conjure up a one-of-its-kind style when added to a room.

Decorate Your Interior with the Latest Range of Yellow Rugs

The exquisite range of yellow rugs by Jaipur Rugs features lovely patterns that aren’t only modern but offer traditional designs as well. While the Bedouin collection of yellow carpets brings a transitional design with timeless patterns and modern colour, the Zuri range has everything modern in it.

An Aurora round yellow rug adds to a room the finest intricacy with its traditional patterns. These yellow rugs induce a sense of nostalgia with their flamboyant patterns and can be added in contrast to the otherwise simple contemporary decor.

Explore the finest designs offered by Jaipur Rugs and give your home the dreamiest transformation. Let the yellow rugs add elegance and liveliness to the room with their comforting patterns and artistic look.



Is yellow carpet fashionable?

The glamour that comes along with a yellow carpet has made it fit for the trending list. The bright accent is here to stay whether the decor speaks a modern or traditional design language.

Where should you place a yellow rug?

Yellow rugs can be placed to make them the ultimate attention-seekers in the room. Strategically add these rugs to the zone of the room getting natural light to radiate its vibrancy in the room.

What is the price range for yellow area rugs?

The price of a simple yellow area rug starts at INR 4,900. The highest price offered in hand-knotted designs can be as high as INR 12,83,100.

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