purple rugs


purple rugs

Add warmth and vibrance to your room with purple rugs

Often associated with royalty, grandeur, extravagance, and creativity, the colour purple is one of the warmest and most lush to add in your decor. It elevates any and every space with panache and lets you have fun while decorating your space. Be it in your tapestry or your hard furnishings, adding purple will instantly warm up the room and make it seem regal. At Jaipur Rugs, we play around with colours in different tones and hues to give birth to exciting new shades, and that is what we have done with purple as well. Our purple rugs can be found in multiple shades, sizes, and designs to complement every decor theme, no matter where you are in the world. With such unique designs, you will find it super easy to style it in any room in your home. From one-of-a-kind design rugs to solid purple carpets or purple throw rugs, there is no end to the variety you can discover at Jaipur Rugs if you love the colour purple. 

Purple rugs add regality to your space

Jaipur Rugs has in store a stunning collection of purple rugs that you can style in multiple different ways based on the size of your room, the decor theme, colour palette etc You can either opt for purple carpets, luxe shaggy rugs in purple, or a silk and wool stunner that will catch everyone's attention right away.  Here are a few ways in which you can add a purple rug to your space:

  1. Pink-purple combo- With a purple rug and walls in soft pink, there is no way you cant transform your space into a haven of luxury and sophistication. You can add some zebra print in your tapestry from some pattern and even experiment with hard furnishings like a tufted purple bench chair to complement the rug.
  2. Victorian grandeur- If you have a dining space that is in need of a facelift, we suggest turning it into a regal space with a victorian style dining table sitting proudly above a purple carpet. In order to offset a monotone purple rug, moody greens on the walls can be used to introduce an interesting colour palette to the room. 
  3. Complementary shades of purple: Why choose one shade of purple when you can choose multiple? If you truly are a fan of the colour, we recommend putting your creative hat on to style your room with different tones of purple, with a dark, patterned purple rug, sheer pink-purple curtains, and walls in amethyst.  
  4. Earthy purple tones: How about a purple dhurrie to grace your farmhouse, styled with a pristine white or off white rug with a purple throw rug to complement the rug? 

If you are looking for a certain kind of purple and a certain design that will be exclusive to your space, you can also opt to customise your purple rug with jaipur Rugs and our artisans. From the colour and size to the design and material, you can customise your own rug from scratch by working closely with our highly skilled artisans. 

Why buy purple rugs from Jaipur Rugs?

Jaipur Rugs prides itself in offering some of the most diverse and wide varieties of style and design when it comes to rugs and carpets. From high-end silk and wool Oriental rugs to more budget-friendly natural rugs, you will find something for every taste, in every price range. You may have gone from one carpet store to the other looking for that specific design in a specific colour you have in mind but found none that suit your style. All of Jaipur Rugs’ creations are handmade in rural parts of India by generational skilled weavers and artisans who have been practicing their respective crafts for long. Jaipur Rugs celebrates their innate talent on a global platform, bringing homeowners, design enthusiasts, and interior decorators one-of-a-kind handmade rugs from India. We also provide free home delivery to our clients no matter where you are in AU. So why look any further than Jaipur Rugs when buying multicolour rugs?

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