kilim rugs

The charming collection of kilim rugs and kilim runners that we've put together will give any room a welcomed burst of color, eclectic flair and all-natural craftsmanship. These tufted rugs are also simple enough to coordinate with your design style. The intricate patterns of vintage kilim rugs are hand tufted from natural materials like wool and cotton. The artisanal designs of kilims and bold colors are inspired by cultures around the world including African tribal motifs, Persian designs and Ottoman artistry. You can style them as bathroom carpet too. So, hurry and use these rugs to quickly alter the atmosphere of your living areas since they will go great with your décor.

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kilim rugs

Kilim is a Persian word that in English means 'to spread roughly'. During the eleventh century A.D, kilim rugs originated in Turkey, and archaeologists have concrete evidence to prove it. Although, in recent times, archaeological evidence establishes that the first vintage kilim rugs were made as early as 7000 B.C. There is also strong evidence of the existence of Kilims during the 13th century, which is evidently described in the famous book 'The Travels of Marco Polo'. The Turkmen Tribes are thought to have brought their hand weaving tradition with them when they travelled to regions of Iran, Turkey, and Afghanistan. As a result, Kilim runner is among the world's oldest design cultures.

What is a kilim rug?

A particular variety of flat weave or plain weave rugs is known as a kilim rug. In contrast to other rugs, flat weave rugs don't have piles and have a unique feel. They take less time and resources to make because there are no piles. When we compare flatweave rugs and hand-knotted rugs, there are many dissimilarities. A flatweave rug is less expensive in comparison with hand-knotted or hand-tufted rugs. Flatweave rugs are lightweight, easy to care for, durable and easy to move. Flatweave rugs' soft and luxurious texture feels pleasant against your skin and provides a smooth underfoot experience. Due to the absence of mounds that collect dust and debris and shed hair, maintenance is also not an issue.

Explore varieties of kilim rugs by Jaipur Rugs Australia

Jaipur Rugs has been selling rugs and carpets for the past four decades. We have distinctive designs and colour combinations from which you can choose the best living room rugs or bedroom rugs for your space. It differs significantly from a pile rug in that the transverse wefts are tightly compressed together to hold the short strands of various yarns in place. At the same time, the lengthwise warps are knotted to create the visible design in a pile, unlike Kilims, which have a flat weave because the warps and wefts are woven together.

At the Jaipur Rugs store, we have more than 10000+ designs and 1000+ colour combinations of kilim rugs for sale. We have a modern design, traditional and transitional rugs to amp up any room in your home. Our carpets design will become your home's centrepiece with the distinctive colour combination and eye-catching designs. We have everything from wool rugs to natural rugs to cotton rugs to make your space clear.

Decorate your home with the latest range of kilim rugs

A Kilim rug is typically utilised for more than just interior design. It is a common dowry gift given to brides and serves as a prayer rug for religious reasons. But more than just being functionally useful, Kilims are works of art representing cultural heritage, tradition, and individuality. Kilims are intricate works of art with great symbolism woven into their designs. You can also mix and match them with natural rugs like jute for added functionality and style.

Kilims are well-liked for their striking patterns that improve the appearance of any space in your home. When an excellent Kilim rug is placed in a room, even the most lifeless-looking space can instantly be transformed into a vibrant haven. But the real story of Kilims' beauty is more complex than what first appears.


FAQs about kilim rugs

What is the difference between a dhrurie and a kilim?

Dhrurie can be in one solid pattern, but kilims are also decorated with motifs.

How durable are kilim rugs?

Kilim rugs are as durable as other handmade rugs. If you care for them properly, they can last generations. For more durability, you can go with a handmade tufted rug.

How do you wash Kilim rugs?

The best way to clean a kilim rug is to take cold water and gently clean it with your hands or a piece of cloth.

Can I Dry Clean a Kilim Rug?

Yes, you can dry clean your kilim rug.



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