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kilim rugs


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World of Kilim Rugs

Looking for a versatile rug that you can style in any room in your home? The colorful, creative and extremely versatile kilim rugs are the answer to your decor woes. This flat-woven rugs textile is a long continuing weaving tradition of Turkey and often comes in stripes or variations of a set of geometric motifs. It adds texture and color to your home and these handcrafted Turkish rugs can even go beyond just being floor coverings. At Jaipur Rugs AU, discover the fantastic world of kilim rugs in AU and bring home one to brighten up your space, add flair, texture, and pattern to your room. There is no end to the ways in which you can style large kilim rugs in your home. No matter what your home decor style is, there is a kilim rug for you at Jaipur Rugs.

How to style kilim rugs

If you are feeling confused about how to incorporate the many interesting patterns of kilim rugs in your room without making the decor of the space look incohesive and disparate, we have some styling tips that will make it a cakewalk for you to style these beautiful Turkish rugs. 

  1. Mix it up: As we said before, kilim rugs pretty much look good in any space. So don’t be afraid to place them in a room which already has a lot of prints and patterns. These rugs look extremely charming when mixed up together. However, we would suggest sticking to colors that are close to each other on the color wheel which helps you anchor the space down. You can also use multiple kilim rugs instead of one large kilim rug to bring attention to every separate corner in the room. 

  2. Style your hallway up: Why should your hallway or entryway be exempt from being beautified by a rug? Pick a kilim runner rugs for this space and see how it lights up the space that welcomes your guests into the house. Make sure the rug is not out of space with the rest of the home decor. After all, an entryway rug is your guests’ introduction to the treasure trove of decor secrets that your house abounds. 

  3. Use it as a wall-hanging: Yes, you read that right. Kilim rugs are no short of pieces of art that can be used to hang up on your wall like you would a painting. Throw in some pretty plants or a bench in front of it on the entryway and you will have a dull wall converted into this interesting artwork space.

  4. Separate a space: Given their visually striking nature rugs, kilim rugs can be very instrumental in separating a certain area of your room, especially if you have an open-space plan. Place a kilim rug under your couch or your dining room to highlight and separate the space from the rest of the room. 

  5. Layer it up: If you have a jute rug in a solid color, and feel like adding some dose of color and life to it, why not layer it up with a kilim rug? It will create eye-catching contrast on your neutral Indian rug and bring texture to your living room while, of course, making your home look designer-styled. 

Why buy kilim rugs from Jaipur Rugs AU?

One of the strongest pillars of Jaipur Rugs AU is our artisans who bring to the table unmatched craftsmanship and skill that is hard to find elsewhere in the world. With generational knowledge that they have inherited from their ancestors, they make some of the most high-quality, intricate, and eye-catching rugs which have found a place in homes across the world. Jaipur Rugs Australia celebrates their innate talent on a global platform so that you, no matter where you are in the world, can bring home a rug handmade with love from India by the vanguards of the art of rug weaving. We also merge that with our modern services and easy online shopping experience to make your experience absolutely seamless. We deliver rugs to your home anywhere in AU free of cost, and if you need expert advice on any rug-related query, we are always there at your disposal.

Rugs Price
hwb-1001 beige and brown hand loom Rugs AU$ 730
lca-05 beige and brown hand knotted Rugs AU$ 2,480
px-2108 flat weaves Rugs AU$ 610
afkw-21 multi hand knotted Rugs AU$ 1,220
lca-03 multi hand knotted Rugs AU$ 3,010
hwb-1001 blue hand loom Rugs AU$ 1,220
makt-97 red and orange hand knotted Rugs AU$ 2,430
sdjt-295 multi flat weaves Rugs AU$ 370
sdjt-296 red and orange flat weaves Rugs AU$ 370
sdjt-307 multi flat weaves Rugs AU$ 370
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