stair rugs

The best way to style your space is with stair carpets. Stair rugs & stair runners are an ideal choice for homes- they can beautify and make a spacemore inviting. Various colors, patterns, and fibers can be chosen amongst our wide range of best carpet for stairs to suit personal tastes or match the room's decor. Stair runner rugs act as a soft layer between one's feet and the stairs which reduces friction that causes foot pain. Whether you want to make a statement with geometric rugs, prefer a pared-back neutral look with large jute rugs, or have your heart set on a loomed rug, we have trendy ideas of stair runner carpet to fit every home style and budget.

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stair rugs

The flooring of the stairs is often left exposed and prone to damage. Stair carpets can prove to be an effective method in avoiding damage to the surface and offering beautiful landings. Rugs are no more restricted to particular spaces, instead, these modern rugs have paved their path to the staircase as well.

Let’s look into the vibrant variety ranging from subtle to bold blue rugs and new-age to vintage designs in stair carpets offered by Jaipur Rugs.

Choose the Perfect Stair Rugs for Your Home at Jaipur Rugs Australia

Your choice of stair carpets must be sturdy enough to keep it from slipping away. The best carpet for stairs offers a strong grip on the tread and minimizes the chances of falls and accidents. These stair rugs form a major part of the home decor which is why Jaipur Rugs offers a distinctive design edge through their collection.

From a rustic round jute rug to hand-knotted eye-pleasers, there are endless options to choose from when it comes to the perfect pairing up in the stair carpets. Browse through the Aurora range for neutrally traditional stair runner rugs or jazz up the decor with Sitaaron ki Baarish collection.

Explore Different Styles of Stair Rugs

Jaipur Rugs serve you many options with a unique style added to each design. Let’s look into the different design styles offered in stair carpets.


The modern designs in stair runner rugs are composed of geometric patterns in subtle tones. The Jaipur Wunderkammer range brings to your space a striped stair carpet with a little twist in its design whereas the Manchaha range is all about muted tone and abstract patterns.


The traditional designs of stair carpets are derived from art and culture. Flamboyant patterns in these stair runner rugs aid in inducing a sense of timelessness to the dynamic space. Explore the collection in the Amani, Aurora, and Akida ranges for vibrant designs of stair carpets.


For a space that never makes you stop, the choice of stair carpets has to be transitional as well. While these designs in stair rugs offer a middle ground between contemporary and traditional methods, these also enhance the sense of moving forward. Look through the Fasal, Manzil, and Sagar collections of stair runner carpets for enticing patterns.

Why Buy Stair Rugs from Jaipur Rugs?

Jaipur Rugs doesn’t only serve main spaces with their rectangular or circular rugs but there’s a vibrant collection for stairs as well. The stair carpets effortlessly enhance the entire appeal of the area and with over 10,000+ rugs in stock, you’re sure to find the best pick for your home.

The brand has worked with one of the most renowned personalities from the design industry like Hiren Patel, Tania, and Sandeep Khosla, Gauri Khan, etc., to present unmatched designs in their stair rugs collection. Browse through the categories and give your home a lovely makeover.



What is a stair runner carpet?

Stair carpets are decorative flooring options to be laid on stairs. A stair runner runs along the steps while covering the central portion and leaving both edges exposed.

What kind of rug do you use for stairs?

The best carpet for stairs is one composed of extremely durable fabrics. Your choice of stair carpets needs to be extremely functional and beautiful. Woollen carpets and other synthetic rugs can prove to be the aptest choice.

How much does a stair rug cost?

Stair runner rugs can be brought at a basic price of AU$ 840 and the range can go as high as AU$ 14,110. The price of these stair carpets is dependent upon the choice of material and type of weaving.

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