orange rugs


orange rugs

An ideal pick to jazz up the visual appeal of space is orange rugs. An orange area rug brings to the room a designer flair that’s not only hinting at a little drama but is warm as well. Whether you’re looking for bedroom rugs or an outdoor rug, the colour promises to instantly accentuate the aesthetics of the room. Let’s explore the exquisite collection of orange rugs offered by Jaipur Rugs.

Add Warmth and Vibrance to Your Room with Orange Rugs

If your design goal is to make the space warmer and more welcoming, an orange shag rug is an apt choice. Orange rugs are the safest option to bring vibrancy to the room along with radiating happy vibes. The colour represents expression, freedom, and happiness which is why orange rugs can be used to reflect your personality in the design.

Jaipur Rugs offer the most enticing designs in rugs and carpets. From simple grey carpets to the stunning orange and grey rug duo, the choices are endless. Go through the lovely collection of orange rugs and find your home is the perfect designer match.

Explore Various Styles of Orange Rugs at Jaipur Rugs Australia

Let’s look into the different styles of orange rugs available at Jaipur Rugs.


The modern orange rugs paint a design story in the room. The narratives are inspired by the past but presented with a modern flair. The Jaipur Wunderkammer range offers an orange area rug with scenes inspired by Jaipur’s local architecture. Whereas, the Riviera collection of orange rugs is all about eye-catchy scenes drawn from coastal landscapes.


A traditional hallway runner in orange tones can prove to be the most graceful element in the space. The Mythos range of orange rugs is all about subtle colour but elegant patterns, whereas Gulnar orange rugs add layers of floral patterns that further induce depth to the space.


The transitional designs of orange rugs offered in the Provenance and Bedouin series blend the soft modern geometry with intricate traditional patterns. These orange rugs serve nothing less than an artistic addition to the room.

Different Types of Orange Rugs and Weaving Techniques at Jaipur Rugs

Jaipur Rugs is renowned for its different weaving methods that produce premium-quality rugs and carpets. Let’s look into these.

Hand Knotted

The hand knotted wool rugs are amongst the most durable decor items offered by Jaipur Rugs. Your choice of hand knotted orange rugs can prove to be the most valuable investment for your home that’s functional and aesthetic. Browse through the Aakar by Kavi, Akida, and Urban Pause by Kavi collections for the most enticing designs.

Hand Tufted

A blue and orange rug with hand tufted weaving technique can bring an unmatched charm to the space. Look through the Hacienda, Genesis, and Reminiscence range of orange rugs that offer different design possibilities.

Hand Loom

One of the conventional weaving methods is hand loom weaving. Orange rugs woven with this technique bring to the room a soft texture and subtle look. Consider the idea of picking the best orange area rug offered in the Tesoro, Yasmin, and Basis range.

Flat Weaves

For an orange outdoor rug, the flat weave is an ideal pick owing to its strength. The orange rugs collection composed with the flat weave method can add to the room rich patterns and an authentic look. Pick your favourite orange rugs from the Anatolia, Bedouin, and Abrash collections.


Patchwork enables the blending of colours and patterns in a single rug. An orange and grey rug is best composed in this weaving method where different patches come together and merge into a design element. The Provenance, Pansy, and Anatolia collections offer the best orange rugs with this weaving style.


An orange shag rug adds solid colour and soft texture to the space. These orange rugs can be an ideal choice to keep the decor towards warming tones. Look through the Rang Raas, Heritage, and Anatolia collections to add a pop of colour to the room.

Why Choose Jaipur Rugs to Buy Orange Rugs

Jaipur Rugs has taken the traditional Indian craft to the entire country and beyond. With over 40 decades of experience and more than 10,000 rugs, the brand not only brings design to your home but a functional element with high quality.

The collection of orange rugs offered by Jaipur Rugs will make the space exude a sense of luxury and add a one-of-its-kind look to the entire room. Explore the variety offered within each collection and enjoy the most soothing decor.



Are orange rugs trendy?

Orange rugs are trendy as the colour flexibly pairs with any other tone. For example, a blue and orange rug looks as good as orange and green. Their effortless pairing up with the decor and shades has kept the orange rugs on the trending list.

Where to place orange rugs?

Orange rugs can be placed in any space of the house to introduce vibrancy and warmth. However, an ideal approach is to add an orange area rug in the living room to give it a stylish makeover. These can also be added to bedrooms or dining spaces.

How do you clean orange rugs?

Orange carpet cleaning isn’t as hefty as it sounds. All you need to do is keep vacuuming it every other day for the orange rugs in high-traffic spaces. For other zones, you can clean them once or twice a year.

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