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Square rugs from the Jaipur Rugs collection will elevate your space's overall flair. From modern to transitional to traditional, we have everything to make your space more inviting. With 1000+ designs, you can choose from designer rugs, bedroom rugs, grey rugs, and dining room rugs to make your room cozy and appealing. You can layer rectangular rugs over oval rugs or even on round rugs for a perfect decor style.

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square rugs

Shop Square rugs online in Australia

A small square rug is one of the most famous pieces of carpet square in the world. In millions of homes, square rugs are used commonly as accent pieces in various corners of the room. More specifically though, in Australia, square rugs are the most ideal option for individuals and families looking to style their new space with luxury. Start shopping for your next set of square rugs 7x7 or a 9x9 square rug to tidy up your space and make it feel full again.

At Jaipur Rugs Australia, we offer a wide style of square rugs such as a square grey rug, square shag rug, black square rugs, square area rugs, designer rugs, grey rugs, and more. Take a peek at our online Australia store today to find something that you will enjoy.

Explore various styles of Square rugs & carpets available at Jaipur Rugs AU


There are several key styles of rugs offered at Jaipur Rugs and square rugs is one of them. The modern style that our square rugs are available in are perfect for any home centered in an urban area. It will blend nicely with black, white, grey and other neutral tones that traverse your rooms. 


Traditional style square rugs are some of the most prevalent options out there. This is because square rugs were one of the first rugs designed in a traditional style that dates back to ancient empires throughout the Middle East and Asia. Consider purchasing a round table square rug with ancient patterns and a duller appearance to really make your home feel elegant again.


For those looking for a unique blend of modern and traditional style rugs, then look no further because a transitional square rug may be what you need. The transitional style blends dull and vibrant colors with antiquated and modern patterns together to satisfy the needs of many homes.

Placement of Square Rugs

Living Room

Square rugs are prevalent in many different living room styles today. They compliment other decor very well and are often seen in the corner of a room underneath a vase, underneath a table, or in the center as a centerpiece if deemed big enough.

Dining Room

Dining room rugs that are square shaped work well when placed at a diagonal. It can really accentuate the focal point which is the dining room table that typically sits in the center.


Bedroom rugs are also a tremendous place for square rugs to lay. Commonly, square rugs are placed underneath a bedside table, in front of the bed, in front of a doorway, or under a dresser to style the place with depth and personality.


The kitchen can be an excellent place to put a square rug if you do not mind spilling things on it occasionally. Ideally, square rugs will sit in front of the sink, refrigerator, or underneath chairs that are located in the kitchen.


Considering the bathroom for square rug placement can be beneficial for taking your decorating abilities to new heights. Typically, you can place one square rug for every sink located in the bathroom. So, if you have two sinks, then place two square rugs in front of each sink respectively. If you do not feel like doing this, then consider placing a square rug in front of the toilet, bathtub, or shower as an alternative option.


The outdoors is a debatable place to lay a square rug, but nonetheless there are many different ways you can utilize one out there. For example, like the bedroom, dining room, and living room, you can place a square rug underneath a small table next to a chair or loveseat. Additionally, it is common to see these shaped rugs along a pathway that leads to your house.



Are Square Rugs popular?

Square rugs are very popular and have been so for centuries. This is because they were one of the first uniquely shaped rugs to traverse ancient continents and throughout nostalgic trade routes that were used for bartering.

How do you place a square rug in a living room?

One unique way to place a square rug in the living room is via using it as an art piece. The least common way to utilize a rug is on the wall. However, this can be a beneficial place to place a square rug because of its artistic appeal, symmetry, and ease of placement.

What are some popular features of Square Area Rugs?

There are three popular features of square area rugs. These features include symmetry, geometric patterns, and color. This triad coordinates together to effectively create a cohesive masterpiece when it comes to square rugs. Consider purchasing your next or perhaps first square rug at our Jaipur Rugs Australia website right now.



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