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round rugs


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How round rugs can add an edge to your home decor

If you are bored with the appearance of your room and want to change up a few things here and there, changing the shapes that occupy the floor space of your room can be one way to do so effortlessly. This is when round rugs come in handy to break the monotony and add an interesting focal point to your living room, study room, bedroom, or pretty much in any space. They can work well in any odd-shaped corner or tight spaces in your home where sharp shapes like square or rectangular won’t fit so well. They can even make small rooms appear larger and more open. Round rugs help you soften down the geometrics of a room and add a break in the shapes. If it features a statement color or pattern, you can be sure that it will attract attention. Jaipur Rugs has an exciting collection of round carpet and round rugs in AU in myriad colors, patterns, materials, and sizes to grace your home, no matter in which space you wish to style. It is a perfect way to add a surprise element and break the usual right-angle shapes of the furniture, and walls of most rooms. Adding a round rug can go a long way in dictating how you can transform the look of your room with just a single rug. 

How to style round rugs

If you are someone who is willing to experiment with your home decor but don’t know how to style a round rug, we have the most effective tips for you that will help you figure out how to make round rugs work for your home.

  1. Round rugs can be the perfect way to make a piece of furniture that looks out of place in the space look cohesive and grounded with the rest of the decor of the room. It helps connect the disparate decor elements in a room without overwhelming the look of it. 

  2. If you have a circular architecture in one of the rooms in your room, embrace it with a round carpet as such architectural shapes are rare to find. Place a large living area rug in a round shape to complement the peculiarity of the room. You can also use round rugs to highlight a circular table or a piece of furniture that stands out. In case you want to place around carpet beneath your round dining table, ensure that the size is big enough to have all the legs of the furniture on it to make it look put together and cohesive.

  3. If you wish to create or highlight a certain zone in your room, for example, a reading nook in your bedroom, a round rug can help define that space. All you need to do is ensure that some parts of the furniture(s) are placed on the rug.

  4. Are you a fan of minimalistic decor? Then round rugs can work wonders for your space as the curvy shape of it truly comes to life when it has the space to shine through. Choose one from Jaipur Rugs in vivid colors or eye-catching patterns to add that element of surprise in your otherwise minimal room. 

If you can’t find a round rug in AU that fits the size and aesthetic requirements you are seeking, you can customize your own with us at Jaipur Rugs. Our skilled artisans will help you create your dream round rug from scratch, one that is truly unique and one-of-a-kind. 

Why choose Jaipur Rugs to buy round rugs?

The range of styles, sizes, and materials we have in store, all handmade by skilled artisans in India, is bound to make your home feel a little more alive and full of life when you bring home a Jaipur Rugs creation. Not only are we ahead of industry trends when it comes to rugs and carpets online, but we are also known worldwide for the quality of rugs our hard-working and highly skilled artisans knot in India. Along with impeccable quality and eye-catching designs, we also offer you services that will make your shopping experience seamless and hassle-free. We deliver your rug safely to your doorstep, no matter where you are in Australia, Sydney or Brisbane, Perth, or Canberra. Jaipur Rugs Australia offers insured and free shipping worldwide.

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