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cotton rugs

Cotton is the most trusted and commonly used fabric. It is used in flatweaves like dhurries and kilims, making it a flexible choice of décor that can be used and stored easily. Cotton breathes, is washable and is used indoors.


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Why cotton rugs make for the perfect addition to your home

Cotton has long been a popular choice when it comes to rugs and carpets. Often used in country-style, boho decor themes, cotton rugs are ragingly popular. They are perfectly suited for kitchens, porches and other smaller spaces. Cotton is a natural fibre derived from the cotton plant and is a renewable and biodegradable alternative that doesn’t contain any harmful off-gassing chemicals. Cotton fibres are soft, strong and hold dyes very effectively, meaning that it makes for the perfect material for cotton rugs which have intricate patterns and detail. Cotton is also a very lightweight fibre and is, therefore, easy to handle and clean without breaking into a sweat. 

What are the benefits of buying cotton rugs?

Styling cotton rugs is super simple. It is versatile, found in a number of styles and designs at Jaipur Rugs AU, and can be placed anywhere in your home. You can also use cotton throw rugs to create a cosy little sitting space in the corner of your room or your balcony for your long reading sessions or for your evening tea. They are a budget-friendly and low-maintenance alternative for when you are looking for a rug that you can use to give your room a quick makeover, but without hurting your wallet a lot. These rugs can also be used to layer with other, thicker rugs to create a trendy, layered look that adds texture and volume to your room. Like all other kinds of rugs, cotton rugs are available in a variety of sizes and shapes - from small to large, rectangular to circular. 

Let’s take a look at some of the other advantages of cotton rugs:

Pocket-friendly- One of the most important aspects of buying any kind of rugs is to consider its cost. Cotton rugs are inexpensive and are on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to rugs. It is a relatively cheaper and faster process which doesn’t require a lot of skilled labour, thereby reducing its price compared to a hand-knotted rugs

Cotton rugs are resilient to color bleeding- Much like any other fabric, rugs also tend to lose their colors due to frequent machine washing. But cotton rugs enjoy the advantage here as they tend to last a lot longer in the process as compared to other natural fiber rugs like wool or silk. You can easily wash cotton throw rugs to get rid of stains, albeit with warm and not hot water. 

They are more resilient: If you are used to washing clothes in a machine and don’t want to put in extra effort in washing your rug like a pro, we say you go for a machine-washable cotton rug. Unlike other delicate fabrics like silk rugs, cotton rugs can take on a lot of punishment before breaking down owing to the cotton fibers that hold on to each other more strongly. Moreover, the tensile strength of cotton fibers is relatively strong as well. In fact, they also have a high resistivity to enzymes which is what most laundry detergents constitute. It is worth noting that most cotton rugs are made to withstand around 25 – 30 machine washes which is equivalent to lasting five to eight years! 

Why buy cotton rugs from Jaipur Rugs?

While quality remains top priority at Jaipur Rugs, we also ensure that we are on the top of all trending styles and colours when it comes to home decor. This is why you will always find the trendiest collection of rugs besides the traditional ones. No matter what your style or budget, you can trust Jaipur Rugs to have something in store for you. We are not your ordinary carpet-manufacturing company. What we offer you is a family’s blessing, all the way from rural India, in the form of a piece of art. Our wide network of over 40000 artisans spread across 600 villages expertise in this age-old craft of rug-weaving, bringing you the best of indian craftsmanship.

Jaipur Rugs also offers free home delivery in all parts of Australia and we also offer discounts to fit every budget.

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