solid rugs

Textures, shades, and tones change the “plain” outlook of a solid rug. They can add every desired effect; neutrals bring in light, earth-tones for nature, bright colours burst with life, shags have cloud-like texture and low pile has a minimal touch.

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solid rugs

What is a solid rug?

Solid rugs contain a single color that is uniformly distributed throughout the carpet. They offer a plain look that can be supported by different textures, shades, and tones of the sole color used to dye the rug. Our craftsmen typically use a blend of earthly, natural tones and vibrant colors to offer our customers many choices. Between dull earth tones and bright distinctions, the artisans can create a solid shag rug with a cloud-like texture and minimal pile.

Buy the best quality solid rugs online at Jaipur Rugs Australia

Jaipur Rugs Australia offers high-quality solid color area rugs in different sizes, styles, and colors for our customers to purchase from. With fast shipping and hundreds of selections, our handcrafted rugs are the go-to choice for thousands of customers worldwide.

Why solid rugs deserve a spot in your home

Solid rugs are most optimal for homeowners looking to subtly add character to their space. These rugs are effectively placed under furniture so that they can provide contrast and depth between furniture colors and the floor.

Other than being placed with furniture, these rugs can be effortlessly integrated into an array of home styles ranging from contemporary to elegant.

How to decorate your home with solid rugs?

Whether you purchased grey rugs, shag rugs, or black rugs, stylizing your home is often accomplished by using your judgment. The important thing to note when adding solid rugs to your home is that you must rely on your decorative intuition to see what style works best for your room. By using your intuition, will ensure that the solid rugs added to your home provide you with comfort and happiness.

Different kinds of solid rugs you can explore

Color-wise, if you are looking for a solid blue rug, solid grey rug, or solid black rug, then we have you covered along with a handful of other selections. Most commonly, our customers choose solid color area rugs 8x10 to stylize their homes. There are also a number of different sizes other than 8x10 that you can choose from. We offer 5x8 as well if you are looking for a smaller option. In addition, there are several different materials to choose from such as jute, viscose, polyester, wool, and cotton.



Where should you place a solid rug?

Solid rugs are best placed in casual, yet formal settings. Ideally, these rugs should be placed in hallways or the living room to maximize their decorative appeal. Solid color runner rugs are generally used for hallways as they have a short width and long length. Aside from runner rugs, standard rectangular rugs or solid rugs for living room can be searched on our Jaipur Rugs site to bring up several different styles that will suit your needs.

What is the price range for Solid Color Area Rugs?

The price range for solid rugs ranges from AU $70 to AU $18,720. There are many different price options for your optimal budget.

What are some popular features of Solid Color Area Rugs?

As commonly reported by our customers, solid color rugs bring about a hypnotic sense of calm and peace with each carpet. The solid, neutral tone rugs can seamlessly integrate into any space with ease. This allows for the neutral tone colors to not distract from key artworks or decor within your home. With their faded tones and uniform distribution, solid rugs offer a simple stylistic appeal for those looking for a quick solution.

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