270x360 cm Size Rugs


270x360 cm size rugs

Buy a 270 x 360 rug online at Jaipur Rugs Australia

Are you in the middle of looking for your next 270 x 360 rug? Well, you came to the right place. At Jaipur Rugs Australia, we carry hundreds of 9 x 12 rugs that can be placed in any room within your home. A 9x12 foot rug or 270 x 360 cm rug is an excellent choice for those looking to add size to their rooms. These large rugs become the focal point for any space and can be layered with almost any type of furniture.

If you are looking for runner rugs, modern rugs, or cotton rugs as 270 x 360 carpet, then we have your back. Our nifty selection of 270 x 360 rugs offers a sleek look that can be added to most modern and contemporary homes today.



Is a 9x12 rug big?

A 9x12 ft rug is pretty big. Outside of our 10x14 and 12x15 options, a 9x12 ft carpet is an excellent choice for homeowners looking to size up from a middle of the road sized rug without going too big. This sized rug should be able to fit and adapt to any size room in your house with ease.

Where should you place a  9x12 rug?

In theory, a 270 x 360 rug can be placed anywhere in your home. Of course, you don’t want to place a rug in a closet because it is too small, but in general, a 9x12 ft rug is able to integrate easily with bedrooms, living rooms, and foyers around the world.

What is the average size rug for a living room?

According to prominent interior decorators, the average sized rug for a living room is 9x12 or a 270 x 360 rug if you measure in centimeters. When compared to a standard-size living room of 16x20 ft, a 9x12 rug is an ideal choice for adding a tame vibe to your decorating style without being too ostentatious.

How do you place a 9x12 rug under a king-size bed?

A 9x12 or 270 x 360 rug may not be big enough to add a thick border-like appearance around a king-sized bed. However, if you place half of the rug underneath the bed and let the other half stick out of the front, this could be an effective way to layer the rug with your bedroom, underlying carpet, and another decor. Thus, successfully layering it will provide a dashing appeal that isn’t too overkill.

What is the most common feature for 9 X 12 Area Rugs?

The most common feature for 9x12 rugs is completely dependent on the type of material you choose from. At Jaipur Rugs, we offer 270 x 360 rugs in several different materials such as wool, jute, viscose, and silk which are composed with an array of techniques such as hand knotted, hand tufted, hand loom, flatweave, and shags. Each material and weaving style offers its own unique profile of benefits that you must decide for yourself.

How do you layer a 9x12 rug?

As described earlier, you can layer a 270 x 360 rug successfully with a king sized bed, however, that may not be where you want to place the rug. The creative possibilities are endless. You could place a rug on the wall and layer it with abstract art around the edges. Or, rather, you might want to place it in the living room and layer it underneath a coffee table with plants on either side. The layering decision is up to you and your ingenuity.



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