size 180x270 cm rugs


size 180x270 cm rugs

Buy a 180 x 270 rug online in Australia

If you reside in Australia, then you are lucky to access the world's most fancy selection of 240 x 300 rugs online at Jaipur Rugs AU. We enable you to select from a variety of 270 x 180 rug that can be used to add value to your home and enhance its decorative appeal. Learn more about how you can browse thousands of medium rugs or 8x10 feet rug through our online shop. You will receive the best care and fast shipping for your rug needs.

Explore various styles of 180 x 270 rugs & carpets available at Jaipur Rugs AU


Our modern 180 x 270 rugs generally are composed of solid colors, simple patterns, and geometric shapes which are all characteristics of contemporary rugs.


The traditional 180 x 270 rug selection we offer contains kilim rugs and jute rugs with inspiration from ancient Asian communities. Look for our jute rug 180 x 270 now and fulfill your interior decorating goals.


A transitional 6 x 9 rugs may be your best option if you cannot decide between a modern or traditional rug. Transitional styles offer an intertwined style that combines abstract art and antiquated patterns together. This style is perfect for any home.



What is a 6x8 rug good for?

Thinking about where to place a 6x9 feet rug can be difficult. It is very common for decorators to only place rugs inside their home. However, the best interior decorators also consider the outdoors. An outdoor rug 180 x 270 can be the perfect option for styling your patio, lawn, garage, driveway, or even front door step. Consider purchasing an outdoor rug today and add an external sense of fashion to your home.

How heavy is a 6x9 rug?

A 6x9 ft rug is the equivalent to a 180 x 270 rug measured in centimeters. With this size and depending on the material, these rugs could possibly weigh up to 100lbs. It is advised to have two people carry the rug so you don’t strain your back.

Is a 6x9 rug big enough for living room?

Yes, our 6x9 foot rugs are the perfect size for a living room. In general, a 180 x 270 rug can fit a room of any size because it is versatile. For monstrous rooms, you may consider using these rugs as layer material to facilitate depth in the room. Maybe even consider placing a vase or table on top of the rug to really make things pop. We suggest a tufted rug or shaggy carpets to best layer your new 6x9 rug.

The most common feature for 6x9 area rugs is that they can be easily cleaned. Whatever cleaning supplies you carry underneath your sink or cabinet should suffice. There is no need to purchase expensive cleaning detergents. Thus, it is not a capital intensive adventure to manage your rug over time.

Is 6x9 rug too small for a queen bed?

6x9 rugs are not small for a queen bed at all. They can make for a great addition to the foot of your bedframe where perhaps you have a stair step, dresser, or blank space that needs to be styled appropriately.


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