graphic rugs


graphic rugs

Give your home decor a bold twist with graphic rugs. Whether it’s bedroom rugs you’re looking for or a living room rug, the vibrant and colourful patterns are sure to steal your heart. Graphic area rugs can effortlessly add liveliness and eclecticism to the room. Let’s explore more about graphic carpet design and the different styles available.

What are Graphic Rugs, and What Makes them so Unique?

The cool graphic rugs are a blend of modern patterns inspired by art and design. With round rugs to extremely customized shapes, these are available in a plethora of options to style the home.

Graphic design rugs cater to each of the design languages being followed in the house with their play of colours and geometry. One of the key features making graphic rugs extremely desired is that these can form the visual illusion of the space being larger and with more depth with an apt pattern choice. A black and white graphic rug with stripes on it can add a length effect to the room. Whereas, modern graphic rugs stay aligned with minimalism and simplicity.

Buy Beautiful Designer Graphic Rugs Online at Jaipur Rugs Australia

From the living room to graphic rugs for the bedroom, there’s a comforting design specially curated for each space of the house. Graphic rugs accentuate the essence of the room in a one-of-its-kind way. You can expect not only comfortable with the finest fabric but a dynamic look in the entire room.

With graphic carpet design offered in the Concoction series to abstract patterns of the Anatolia range, there’s a fine design satisfying different design desires. Explore the best range of graphic rugs at Jaipur Rugs and give your home the most magical and eye-catchy makeover.

Explore Different Styles of Graphic Rugs Available at Jaipur Rugs Australia

Let’s look into the different design styles available in rugs online.

Modern Rugs

The Aqua range of modern graphic rugs makes a statement with their simple and casual designs. These graphic rugs are an excellent choice for the main spaces of the house. Jaipur Wunderkammer further elevates the essence of cool graphic rugs with their unique shapes and vibrant patterns.

Traditional Rugs

The Heritage series in graphic rugs adds a timelessness to the space with their traditionally-inspired patterns and bold tones. The Kiaan series further elevates the aesthetics of the room with bold designs.


The Anatolia and Manifest collections of graphic area rugs are all about a modern twist to traditional designs. While the patterns borrow elegance from vintage designs, the modern tones impart an unparalleled look to the design.



Where to place graphic rugs?

Place graphic rugs in the center of the room to catch all the attention. The rug graphic serves as an element of interest and dresses up the entire space with its enticing patterns.

How do you wash graphic rugs?

Graphic design rugs can regularly be cleaned by simply shaking the rug to remove the dirt. For proper cleaning, these graphic rugs can be washed gently with soap water, and a soft brush.

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