size 150x240 cm rugs


size 150x240 cm rugs

Buy a 150x240 rug online at Jaipur Rugs Australia

The 150 x 240 rug, or rather 5x8 ft rug, is a quaint option for individuals looking to purchase a smaller rug. We carry 5 x 8 rugs as natural rugs, red rugs, cotton rugs, and custom rugs. You are welcome to customize your next set of 5 x 8 rugs if you don’t see a particular style, color palette, or material that you like.

Whatever you choose to decide, just know that this cozy rug is a perfect selection for first time homeowners and first time rug buyers.



Is 5x8 rug big enough?

A 5x8 feet rug in cm can be big enough for your rug needs. This sizable rug is small enough, yet big enough to add a new, yet polished look to your residence. This size is especially beneficial for homeowners that find themselves reluctant to purchase a rug. A 150 x 240 rug is sufficient and gets the job done.

What is a 5x8 rug used for?

In most homes, a 150 x 240 rug is mostly used as an office rug or outdoor rug 150 x 240. Using this size in your office is an appropriate solution for adding a jazzy sleek look. Since office usually have a high-class vibe, the 150 x 240 rug can add great variety and elegance, thus making your at home office a proper place to conduct business. On the contrary, use as an outdoor rug is common in the garage that is open to air, or rather on the lawn so you and your family can enjoy a picnic. The 150 x 240 rug is multi purposeful no doubt.

What shapes are available within 5 X 8 Area Rugs?

You have the opportunity to choose between odd shaped rugs, round rugs, and standard rectangular rugs at our Jaipur Rugs Australia site.

What is most popular size of rug for living room?

The most popular sized rug for living rooms across the globe are 150 x 240 rugs. This size is popular because it is popular among populations that don’t incorporate rugs into their decorative habits that often. It is the smallest sized rug advised to use as a focal point for your space.

Whats the most common size rug for a living room?

As previously declared, the most common size rug for your living room is 5x8 ft. It can serve as an effective centerpiece that may even end up as a trendy image on pinterest!

Where do I put a 5x8 rug?

A 150 x 240 rug can be placed outdoors, in your living room, office, or rather in the bedroom. If you decide to place a 5x8 feet rug in your bedroom, ensure that it does not get placed underneath a king sized bed. This rug is too small and will add no artistic value to your space with a king bed. It is better served underneath around smaller beds like a queen or twin sized mattress.


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