ivory rugs

Pure and peaceful, white is timeless. It is elegant and can be used as a foundation for other colors, or to calm the space. It is a comforting color that can be either vivacious or soothing.

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ivory rugs

Buy ivory rugs online at Jaipur Rugs Australia

The magnificent aura that ivory carpet radiates is unmatched when it comes to comparing an ivory textured rug against another. Ivory rugs such as the ivory shag rug, ivory jute rug, and ivory wool rug are present in each room with a smooth, warm, and inviting appearance that can cozy up your home in an instant. Whether you purchase a round ivory rug or a large ivory rug, the color is destined to enlighten and enhance each corner of your space. With that in mind, you should consider visiting the Jaipur Rugs Australia store online today to browse our fine selection of ivory rugs. There is no doubt your needs and search criteria will be fulfilled by filtering for an ivory-colored rug to add that familial presence you may be missing.

Explore various styles of ivory rugs & carpets available at Jaipur Rugs


For those individuals looking for a contemporary or as they call it modern style rug, Jaipur Rugs has all different kinds of modern rugs that come in an ivory color. Ivory rugs are a great choice for those looking for a relatively neutral tone that can fit inside most urban-style apartments or houses. For example, when paired with blue rugs, our ivory rugs can truly layer and provide an epic contrasting look in a room. Regardless of how you use a modern ivory rug, there is no doubt that it can adapt to different decorating themes.


Like many oriental rugs, ivory color is one of many common colors used to create such style. An ivory rug with traditional inspiration can provide a room with authenticity, history, and tribal patronage.


Ivory rugs with a transitional feel consist of both oriental and modern styles all jumbled up into one rug. By doing this, buyers having difficulty deciding what rug to buy can get the best of both worlds with minimalism, tradition, symmetry, and vibrance. Transitional customized rugs are truly a miracle when it comes to offering an additional option for those torn.



Are ivory rugs good?

Ivory rugs are a very good choice for many because our experienced craftsmen hold these rugs with delicacy, tenacity, and exuberance. An ivory rug is guaranteed to have a long-lasting composition of the fabric and a sense of style that can raise your house above average standards.

What are some popular features of ivory rugs?

There are many popular features of ivory rugs, but some of the most prevalent include a silky appeal, neutral tone, soft feel, and ability to be paired with almost any color scheme. All of these features showcase the ivory rugs versatile ability when it comes to decorating.

Where to place ivory rugs?

An ivory rug could be used in the hallway. Hallway rugs come with an ivory appearance that can blend in with the sunlight that shines through the window. There is no better feeling than walking through a hallway with a warm feeling through ivory and rays of sunlight that beam on the walls.



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Rugs Price
tlr-6034 ivory hand tufted Rugs AU$ 900
hwv-2000 ivory hand loom Rugs AU$ 540
taq-4309 ivory hand tufted Rugs AU$ 5,530
taq-4307 ivory hand tufted Rugs AU$ 610
esk-459 ivory hand knotted Rugs AU$ 15,900
pdjt-117 ivory flat weaves Rugs AU$ 360
dr-105 ivory flat weaves Rugs AU$ 780
taq-4390 ivory hand tufted Rugs AU$ 1,020
les-1568 ivory hand knotted Rugs AU$ 4,480
enm-3028 ivory hand knotted Rugs AU$ 6,130
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Jaipur rugs

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